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If vote-by-mail is good enough for Donald Trump and his administration, then it's good enough for all of us. — Edward Norton Source: Edward Norton (@EdwardNorton) / Twitter

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or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids. There is still no proof TikTok is spying on you for China
The Trump administration is forcing TikTok to sell off its US business by September 15 or else face a ban, accusing it of posing a privacy and national security threat because it is owned by a Chinese company.The administration has explicitly claimed TikTok spies on people but has never offered public evidence.Experts diving through TikTok's code and policies say the app collects user data in a similar way to Facebook and other popular social apps.Google and Facebook by comparison almost certainly hoover up more user data than TikTok through their sprawling number of apps and services — but get less US political scrutiny on pr…

Fact Checks ☑️

Tips on safe sex during COVID-19 pandemic misrepresented in Canadian Facebook post
Facebook posts claimed that British Columbia’s top health officer warned about the risks of asbestos poisoning from boards used as barriers against COVID-19 transmission during sex. This is false; health authorities in the Pacific province did include “glory holes” in online virus-prevention tips, but they did not mention asbestos. That warning was satire shared out of context, its author told AFP. False Claims Follow Old Portland Mugshots
Old mugshots circulating on social media falsely suggest that they show 13 teachers who were recently arrested during the protests in Portland, Oregon. The photos are actually from 2017, and the posts provide no evidence that any of them are teachers. Tweets from Israeli PM’s account referred to Syria strikes, not Beirut blast
Social media posts claim tweets from the Israeli prime minister’s official Twitter account indicate the country was responsible for a massive explos…

Coronavirus 🦠 Newsbites

Two teens in Florida die of coronavirus complications
Two more teenagers, between the ages of 14 and 17, have died from Covid-19 in Florida -- bringing the total deaths of children and teens in the state to seven. More than 38,000 minors have contracted the coronavirus in Florida, a hotpot of the pandemic in the United States.

The deaths are a reminder that while younger people seem less vulnerable to the coronavirus, they are not immune. If the virus spreads more, more children will inevitably get sick and some may die. CNN Coronavirus Update
Globally, more than 5,900 people are dying every day from Covid-19 on average, according to CNN calculations based on Johns Hopkins University (JHU) data from the past two weeks. That is 248 people per hour, or about one person every 15 seconds.

"We're lower than the world," Trump said in an incomprehensible response when pressed on the climbing US death toll.

... "The bottom line is we have people in this country contracting Co…

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August 6th is Hiroshima πŸ’£ DayThe United States dropped the world's first atomic bomb on Hiroshima on Aug. 6, 1945, destroying the city and killing 140,000 people. The United States dropped a second bomb three days later on Nagasaki, killing another 70,000. Japan surrendered Aug. 15, ending World War II and its nearly half-century of aggression in Asia.

But the decades since have seen the weapons stockpiling of the Cold War and a nuclear standoff among nations that continues to this day. Source: Hiroshima atomic bomb attack: City marks 75th anniversary as survivors call for change - CBS News Today is also:
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