Coronavirus Newsbites

COVID-19 testing in the US is an 'abject failure' despite officials having months of warning, Harvard health expert says
  • The director of Harvard's Global Health Institute said US coronavirus testing has been an "abject failure."
  • Dr. Ashish Jha said: "I am stunned that as a nation, six months into this pandemic, we still can't figure out how to deliver testing to the American people when they need it."
  • US testing rates have risen, though per capita it is still behind Russia, Australia, Spain, and Iceland.
  • People have also reported having to wait hours to get tested, and test results have been delayed.

Dr. Fauci gave a blunt assessment of how the US is handling the coronavirus pandemic: Not great
  • Top US infectious disease expert Dr. Anthony Fauci said the "striking" transmission efficiency of the coronavirus has created the "perfect storm."
  • "Not to be hyperbolic about it — it really is the perfect storm and [an] infectious disease and public health person's worst nightmare," Fauci said at an event hosted by the news website The Hill.
  • Some states and the US as a whole are seeing record-high daily surges in confirmed coronavirus cases as the country once again grapples with a response to COVID-19 outbreaks following an unprecedented shutdown a few months ago.

The US is in the middle of another coronavirus testing crisis — on a far larger scale than before
  • Coronavirus testing in the US is failing again as the country faces an unprecedented surge of new cases.
  • As demand outpaces laboratories' capacities, the hardest-hit states are seeing weeks-long delays in test results.
  • The bottlenecks obscure how large the new outbreaks are and prevent officials from tracking down infected people before they spread the virus.
  • Testing must grow rapidly to prevent this from happening yet again in the fall.