Coronavirus Newsbites

CNN Coronavirus Update
From Hong Kong to California, cities and states around the world are reimposing restrictions to contain resurgent coronavirus outbreaks, as the number of global infections surpasses 13 million and the World Health Organization warns there are "no shortcuts" out of the pandemic.

That includes a vaccine.

While experts hope there will be an effective inoculation against Covid-19 by early 2021, a new study suggests that immunity could be lost within months, and that the virus may reinfect people year after year, like the common cold. Whether the world finds a cure or not, WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has urged the use of tools available now to suppress transmission and save lives.

"We need to reach a sustainable situation where we do have adequate control of this virus without shutting down our lives entirely or lurching from lockdown to lockdown," Ghebreyesus said Monday.

A Texas man, who thought coronavirus was a hoax, dies after attending "Covid party"
A 30-year-old man in San Antonio, Texas, died in a city hospital after attending a "Covid party," where people intentionally get infected.

... "This was a Memorial Day party at the lake. Five days later, this young man got sick and again the last thing he said to that hospital tech nurse is that he was wrong. And unfortunately, too many young people are wrong."

Covid parties: Reports first emerged in early July that some young people in Alabama are throwing Covid-19 parties, a disturbing competition where people who have coronavirus attend and the first person to get infected receives a payout.

43 new coronavirus cases have been linked to one large house party in Michigan
Forty-three new coronavirus cases have been linked to a large house party from early July in Washtenaw County, Michigan, according to health officials.

Most of the new cases are young people between the ages of 15 and 25, the Washtenaw County Health Department said in a press release Monday.

... "This is a very clear example of how quickly this virus spreads and how many people can be impacted in a very short amount of time" Jimena Loveluck, a health officer with Washtenaw County Health Department, said in the release. "We cannot hope to accomplish our goal of containing COVID-19 and preventing additional cases, hospitalizations and deaths without full community support and cooperation."

We're wasting time talking about herd immunity
William Haseltine writes that we should not waste time trying to build herd immunity against Covid-19, because it's unlikely we will ever be able to achieve it. New research on the development and decline of Covid antibodies and a wealth of epidemiological evidence on coronaviruses as a whole indicate as much.

Not all actions that can combat this disease lie within the purview of the average American -- the work being done in labs here in the United States and across the world to develop vaccines and drugs to prevent and treat infections are an important source of hope to end the pandemic.

And while we wait on a medical solution, government action and strong national leadership has been proven to work to control outbreaks.

But every American also has a role to play and an opportunity to stamp out this disease. By wearing masks, practicing safe social distancing and choosing the inconvenience of self-isolation when we fear we've been exposed to infection, we can stop this outbreak dead in its tracks.