Mr. President, don't be a co-conspirator of COVID. Do one simple thing, acknowledge to the American people that COVID exists. It is a major problem. — Gov. Cuomo called out Pres. Trump for refusing to embrace reality.

... as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spiral out of control in America, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo took President Donald Trump to task for his atrocious response to the COVID-19 outbreak. New York was the epicenter of the COVID 19 crisis in America, and the state led by Governor Cuomo has learned very hard lessons in its successful quest to crush the curve. At the Governor Cuomo press conference, Cuomo minced no words when condemning the COVID19 response of President Trump and the President Donald J. Trump administration. To get through the COVID 19 crisis requires discipline and a respect for science, neither of which are the strong suit of President Trump, and to Cuomo, Trump and his horrific coronavirus response are an insult to the sacrifice and suffering of thousands of New Yorkers.