Fact Checks

WHO still recommends self-isolation and social distancing to prevent COVID-19 transmission
Multiple posts shared on Facebook claim that the World Health Organization (WHO) had rescinded its advice which recommends isolation for COVID-19 patients and social distancing in public. However, the claim is false and based on a video clip that has been taken out of context. WHO still recommends infected people be quarantined and social distancing maintained.

Online retailer Wayfair hit by child trafficking conspiracy theory
An online conspiracy theory accuses furniture retailer Wayfair of trafficking children via high-priced items that share names with missing children. But it is false; Wayfair denied the allegations, saying the product names were determined by an algorithm, and various children tied to the claim were not in fact missing at the time it emerged.

Fake pharmaceutical ad urges viewers to ‘take the shot’
Facebook posts shared more than 1,000 times appear to show a billboard advertisement from US pharmaceutical giant Merck encouraging viewers to take a novel coronavirus vaccine. This is false; there is no vaccine yet, a company spokesman said the advertisement is not legitimate, and a reverse image search shows the picture was created using clip art and a stock photo of a blank billboard.