Fact Checks

Trump Misleads on H1N1 Swine Flu Testing
Deflecting attention from the rise in COVID-19 cases, President Donald Trump has repeatedly said the Obama administration “stopped testing” during the H1N1 pandemic. He’s correct that individual reporting was halted after a few months, but some testing did continue — and the two viruses are very different, making the comparison misleading.

Trump Distorts Biden’s Immigration Plans
  • Trump falsely said the task force wanted to end the practice of detaining immigrants who enter the country illegally. The task force recommends closing for-profit detention centers, and Biden has called for ending “prolonged detention,” not all detentions.
  • He falsely said it would grant asylum to “all new illegal aliens.” The task force said it would “end Trump Administration policies that deny protected entry to asylum seekers,” and “expand the existing asylum system.” It doesn’t say for everyone.
  • Trump falsely said it wanted an end to prosecutions of those who cross the border illegally. It calls for scrapping the Trump administration’s “zero tolerance” policy and focusing on prosecuting “human traffickers, smugglers” and other serious criminals.
  • He said “they want to take down the wall” that his administration is building along the U.S.-Mexico border. Biden has said he would end funding for the project, but hasn’t said he would tear down what has been built.
  • He misleadingly said Biden wants “federal student aid,” “free community college,” “welfare” and “government health care for illegal aliens.” Biden has called for providing financial assistance to so-called Dreamers — those who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children by their parents.
  • Biden has called for a 100-day halt to deportations and deporting only felons after that, but Trump distorts that position by claiming Biden would “stop all deportations.”
  • Trump claimed, without evidence, that the “wall has stopped” human trafficking “so much” and that Biden wanted to “let that continue.”

The loans were given to a variety of US religious organisations, not just evangelical churches, official data shows
Multiple post shared repeatedly on Facebook claim that US “Evangelical churches got $7.3 billion” in government loans distributed during the COVID-19 pandemic. The claim is false; the US federal government has distributed US$7.3 billion in loans during the pandemic to a wide variety of religious organisations, not just evangelical churches, according to official data.

No evidence to support these 'statistics' about effectiveness of face masks, expert says
A graphic has been viewed hundreds of times in multiple posts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Weibo that claim it shows the difference in the COVID-19 transmission rate between individuals who are wearing or not wearing face masks. The claim is misleading; there is no evidence to support the statistics in the graphic, an epidemiologist said; as of July 17, 2020, international health authorities have not published any data on the effectiveness of face masks in curbing the spread of COVID-19.