Fact Checks

Prank Posts Falsely Suggest Second Stimulus Payment Is Approved
Viral posts on Facebook falsely claim the government has approved a second round of coronavirus stimulus payments to everyone who signs up — and that the money will be forthcoming in “5-7 business days.” Congress is considering another economic package, but a new round of support has not been passed.

FactChecking Trump’s ‘Fox News Sunday’ Interview
  • The president claimed other countries, later mentioning Europe, are only testing for COVID-19 if someone is “really sick” and that the “massive” testing in the U.S. “skews the numbers.” But testing data show many countries, including in Europe, have conducted more tests per confirmed case than the U.S.
  • Trump falsely claimed that there’s “no reason” — “[e]xcept for Nov. 3rd” — for California to pull back on reopening its economy. Multiple states, including California, have concerning trends that public health experts — including those on the White House’s coronavirus task force — say warrant business closures and other precautions.
  • Trump claimed he “forced” Seattle officials to finally end protests near a police precinct because “they heard” that “we were going in that following day.” Seattle’s mayor said her decision had nothing to do with Trump, who she said never notified her of a plan to send in federal forces.
  • Trump falsely claimed credit for “the biggest pay raises in the history of our military.” The largest increase in basic military pay under Trump was 3.1%. It was higher than that seven times in the last 19 years — including a high of 5% in 2002.

Face masks do not cause fungal lung infections if handled correctly, health experts say
Multiple posts shared thousands of times on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram claim that face masks can cause fungal lung infections. The claim is misleading; wearing face masks will not cause fungal lung infections or harm human health if they are handled correctly, an epidemiologist said; the World Health Organization states wearing face masks for long periods is safe providing wearers regularly change or wash their masks if they become wet or soiled.

There is no evidence that budesonide asthma inhalers can cure COVID-19, experts say
Multiple posts shared repeatedly on Facebook claim that budesonide, a steroid used in asthma inhalers, can "cure" COVID-19. The claim is misleading; as of July 2020, health experts say there is no scientific evidence that budesonide can cure or treat COVID-19; the Philippine health department dismissed the claim as "fake news" and warned the steroid should only be used with a doctor’s prescription.