Trumpism Highlights

Trump keeps boasting he 'aced' a 'very hard' cognitive test: Here's one like it you can take — see if you can match him
  • President Donald Trump has been boasting about his results in a "very hard" cognitive test, saying he "aced" it and claimed that Democratic challenger Joe Biden could not do the same.
  • But medical experts say any adult without cognitive issues should get a high score, and that Trump's reaction implies he misunderstands what the test is for.
  • The test Trump took is likely the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA), which asks people to identify animals based on drawings, draw a clock showing a certain time, and read sentences out loud.
  • The test's creator said it is "not meant to measure IQ or intellectual skill in any way," but instead to find possible cognitive problems, like memory issues.

Portland protests: Mayor Ted Wheeler tear-gassed by federal agents
Portland mayor Ted Wheeler was tear-gassed with protesters amid continued street clashes between demonstrators and federal forces in Oregon's biggest city.

According to video and Twitter posts on Wednesday night, mayor Wheeler turned-up to support protesters angry at Donald Trump’s deployment of federal agents to the city, when he was tear-gassed.

“It stings. It’s hard to breathe. I can tell you with 100 per cent honesty I saw nothing that provoked this response,” Mr Wheeler told The New York Times. “I’m not afraid but I am p***ed off.”

Trump ads on Facebook claiming 'TikTok is spying on you' reached up to 5 million Americans and targeted younger voters
  • In the five days between July 17 and July 21, accounts tied to Donald Trump's campaign posted 450 separate adverts on Facebook and Instagram lambasting TikTok for spying on users and siphoning data to China.
  • Facebook's transparency data showed that the campaign spent tens of thousands of dollars on the ads, perhaps as much as $80,000.
  • The most-viewed ad posted by the Trump campaign is a 30-second video that claims "TikTok is spying on you." It reached at least 400,000 Americans.
  • TikTok has denied all the allegations made in the ads.

'You wish her well?': New anti-Trump ad focuses on president's shocking comment about Ghislaine Maxwell
A new ad by a Republican campaign group has criticised president Donald Trump for his comments about Ghislaine Maxwell earlier this week, where he wished her well.

Ms Maxwell is currently being held at the Metropolitan Detention Centre in Brooklyn facing charges of trafficking, sexual exploitation and abuse of minors, following her arrest on 2 July.

The 58-year-old has been accused of luring and grooming underage girls, so her former boyfriend and business associate, Jeffrey Epstein, could abuse them. She pleaded not guilty to several charges last week.

Trump finally admits COVID-19 is a serious problem, just not his problem
  • President Donald Trump finally acknowledged this week that COVID-19 is a serious problem in the US but stopped short of addressing his own failure to respond to it.
  • Despite Trump's refusal to take responsibility for letting the pandemic spiral out of control, pundits and major news outlets praised the president's tone as "somber" and said it represented a pivot.
  • But Trump's tone — which history suggests won't last — doesn't matter because the damage is already done, and it was largely self-inflicted.
  • As of Thursday, the disease has infected almost four million Americans and killed over 143,000 people in the country.
  • The US economy is also in shambles and more Americans have died from the virus than all US battle deaths combined in every war since 1945.

Trump has gone from zero to Mad Max on China policy
  • The US shut down the Chinese consulate in Houston.
  • Trade talks have stalled.
  • The US placed sanctions on Chinese officials involved with human/civil rights violations in Hong Kong and Xinjiang.
  • The White House is considering banning Communist Party members from the US (90 million people).
  • The US retaliated against China for a crackdown on US journalists with a crackdown on Chinese journalists in the US.
  • Attorney General Barr made a speech accusing tech giants of being too cozy with China.
  • The State Department made noise about China's "unlawful" buildup of military bases in the South China Sea.

This is a jarring amount of aggressive policy in two weeks time, and you can expect more in the 103 days until the election. Trump thinks battering China will help his poll numbers (though we haven't seen evidence of that yet), so he's making up for lost time. Aside from throwing the book at China, the strategy here is unclear.

What this does to the US-China relationship is highly unpredictable. In just 2 weeks this ride has gone from extremely bumpy to rollercoaster — and it can get much worse.

Trump tried blaming Democrats for spiking the payroll-tax cut — but it was actually Republicans that squashed it
  • Trump assailed Democrats and blamed them for the payroll tax cut being left out of the Senate GOP plan.
  • But it was Republicans who dropped the measure, since many GOP senators expressed skepticism about its economic benefits during a pandemic that's caused high levels of unemployment.
  • "A payroll-tax cut is extremely expensive," Susan Collins said on Monday, adding it "would only benefit individuals who are working" and "also would displace other spending that I think is far more important."

Trump administration to be investigated over use of force against protesters in Portland
Inspectors general at the US Justice Department and Homeland Security Department are launching separate probes into the Trump administration's deployment of federal law enforcement officers to Portland, Oregon, and various complaints over their use of force on demonstrators, they announced on Thursday. In a letter to three House Democratic committee chairs — Jerry Nadler of the Judiciary panel, Carolyn Maloney of the Oversight panel, and Benny Thompson of the Homeland Security panel — DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz announced he is "initiating a review to examine the DOJ’s and its law enforcement components’ roles and responsibilities in responding to protest activity and civil unrest in Washington, D.C., and in Portland, Oregon over the prior two months." That review will include "examining the training and instruction that was provided to the DOJ law enforcement personnel; compliance with applicable identification requirements, rules of engagement, and legal authorities; and adherence to DOJ policies regarding the use of less-lethal munitions, chemical agents, and other uses of force," the inspector general wrote.

'Not the right time': Trump cancels Republican convention in Jacksonville over coronavirus concerns
Donald Trump has pulled the plug on holding part of the 2020 Republican National Convention in Jacksonville, saying a spike in coronavirus cases in Florida means "the timing for this event is not right."

The president said GOP delegates will gather in Charlotte, and that he will still give a speech accepting the Republican nomination. That address, he said vaguely, will be given "in a different forum."

President Trump cancels Republican National Convention in Jacksonville
  • After blowing up the initial plans for the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., President Donald Trump withdrew his plans for a MAGA-rally version in Jacksonville, Fla.
  • The Trump campaign had been going full steam ahead for a packed crowd to see Trump speak in Jacksonville, but Florida's skyrocketing COVID-19 cases and mounting deaths ultimately became the ceremony's undoing.
  • "I looked at my team and said, the timing for this event is not right ... to have a big convention is not the right time," Trump said during the coronavirus briefing early Thursday evening.
  • "I'll still do a convention speech in a different form, but we won't do a big convention speech, per se."

or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.