Trumpism Highlights

Constitutional scholars are alarmed by Trump's planned 'surge' of federal agents to major US cities noting that federal jurisdiction is limited without the consent of the state
  • President Donald Trump said he had tens of thousands of federal agents available to domestically police major US cities, citing the "fantastic" job they have been doing in Portland, Oregon.
  • Constitutional law experts said that without an invitation, deploying federal agents to US cities would be unconstitutional.
  • However, no state has signed off on their arrival.
  • Federal agents in Oregon have reportedly been in the city in unmarked vans and detaining individuals without explanation.
  • "I view this as one of, if not the most alarming thing this administration has done," Barry Friedman, a law professor and faculty director of New York University's Policing Project, told Business Insider.
  • "It's alarming because it is placing what are effectively federal troops in a municipal policing capacity in violation of the constitutional laws of the United States."

Trump called the mayor of Portland 'pretty pathetic' for attending a protest, where he was booed by residents and then tear gassed by federal agents
  • President Donald Trump dissed the Democratic mayor of Portland during an interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity Thursday night.
  • Trump said Mayor Ted Wheeler "made a fool out of himself" for attending a rally in the city on Wednesday night.
  • Wheeler was booed while speaking at the protest, and was later tear gassed by federal agents that were dispatched to the city by the president.

Trump's most important 2016 donor is sitting out 2020
  • Robert and Rebekah Mercer ranked among President Donald Trump's most influential backers in 2016. But they've all but abandoned the embattled president and aren't likely to help him in the home stretch for 2020, five people who know the media-averse Mercers tell Insider.
  • "They're 100, 100, 100% out," said an associate of Rebekah Mercer.
  • A billionaire, Robert Mercer has the financial resources to spend tens of millions of dollars to help Trump — if he wanted to. That kind of money could play a major role in swing states such as Florida, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania that are critical to Trump winning reelection.
  • The Mercers helped convince Trump to appoint allies, including Steve Bannon and John Bolton, into top campaign or White House roles. But Trump has soured on several of the former aides.

Dr Fauci facing 'serious threats' as Trump White House tries to discredit him
Dr Anthony Fauci said he and his family have received “serious threats” in a new interview on Thursday, as Donald Trump's White House reportedly staged an effort to discredit the nation’s leading infectious disease expert.

As director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) since 1984, Dr Fauci compared the hate mail he received while working with AIDS activists during the HIV crisis to the threats he now faces as a member of the White House coronavirus response task force while speaking on David Axelrod’s “The Axe Files” podcast.

“It’s really a magnitude different,” the epidemiologist said. “As much as people inappropriately, I think, make me somewhat of a hero … there are people who get really angry at thinking I’m interfering with their life because I’m pushing a public health agenda.”

Trump repealed an Obama-era anti-segregation housing bill in a bid to regain support from the 'Suburban Housewives of America'
  • President Donald Trump on Thursday repealed an Obama-era bill designed to prevent segregation in housing projects that receive federal funding.
  • The move comes as Trump's support among suburban voters is crumbling, with many angry at his responses to the coronavirus crisis and the anti-racism protests.
  • "Biden will destroy your neighborhood and your American Dream. I will preserve it, and make it even better!" the president tweeted on Thursday night.
  • Critics say the president's actions are "fearmongering and these racial dog whistles," and that educated suburban voters would not find that impressive.

Trump says he personally urged Elon Musk to build Tesla's new $1 billion factory in Texas (TSLA)
  • Tesla's second major US car plant will be in Austin, Texas, the company announced this week.
  • President Trump took credit for the move in an interview with Fox News on Thursday night. "I said, 'Elon build a factory in Texas.' He just announced today they're building one of the biggest plants in the world."
  • Plans for Tesla's second major car production facility in the US have been in the works for some time, and ultimately Tesla chose Texas over Oklahoma.

Republican Party officials hid COVID-19 mask purchases by labeling them 'building maintenance' in federal disclosures
  • The Republican National Committee in a new federal filing this week said it spent $14,000 on 'building maintenance.' In reality, it was disguising a purchase of face masks.
  • Some conservatives chafe at wearing masks, but the spending reveals GOP party leaders were taking the coronavirus more seriously than they were publicly letting on.
  • 'They didn't buy lacrosse sticks or baseball bats,' said the owner of a sporting goods company that scored a $9,301 mask order from the RNC.
  • President Donald Trump resisted wearing face coverings until mid-July. In June, he conducted a campaign rally in Oklahoma where most revelers didn't wear masks or socially-distance themselves.

The Trump campaign's fundraising emails have gotten very in-your-face and awkwardly personal, especially with Eric and Don Jr.'s guilt trips
  • Aggressive, in-your-face fundraising emails from political campaigns are nothing new, but the Trump campaign has taken it to a new level.
  • Following in the Obama campaign's pioneering tactic of using campaign surrogates as the apparent email senders, many of the Trump campaign's money requests come from his adult sons, Don Jr. and Eric.
  • "I convinced my father to give you another chance," a recent subject line from Eric read, before he signed off with an ominous "We won't extend your match offer again. Don't let the President down."
  • To keep up with the Trump campaign's strangest fundraising emails without having to see them pile up in a personal inbox, you can follow @TrumpEmail.

CDC backtracks and now emphatically supports reopening schools after criticism from Trump
  • The CDC on Thursday issued new guidance on reopening schools that backtracked on prior, stricter recommendations after criticism from President Donald Trump.
  • Trump descried the previous recommendations as "very tough and expensive."
  • The new CDC guidance offers full-throated support for reopening schools.
  • "Reopening schools creates opportunity to invest in the education, well-being, and future of one of America's greatest assets — our children," the CDC said.

United Nations calls on US police to halt use of force against journalists covering protests
Journalists covering protests in the United States should be permitted to do their jobs without fear of attack or arrest, the United Nations human rights office said on Friday.

A mounting crackdown on reporters by authorities has been seen in recent weeks as the Trump administration has deployed federal agents to several cities where demonstrators are calling for racial justice.

And now, UN human rights spokesperson Liz Throssell has spoken out to protect the press.

US election: Counterintelligence chief warns voters to beware foreign interference in 2020 vote
The head of the American counterintelligence agency has warned US voters to watch out for foreign interference ahead of the upcoming presidential election.

Voters should screen information and check online sources, the director of the National Counterintelligence and Security (NCSC) said.

William Evanina also told the public to “consume information with a critical eye” in his rare warning on Friday.

Barron Trump's school may not reopen due to coronavirus despite president calling for others to open
The private school attended by Donald Trump's son Barron may only partially reopen, or not reopen at all, even as the president threatened to withhold coronavirus relief funding from public campuses that remain closed.

St Andrew's Episcopal School released an update saying they were considering either continuing virtual distance learning or implementing a hybrid model when the school year resumes in September.

Mr Trump said this week that he would be "comfortable" sending his 14-year-old son, Barron, and school-age grandchildren back to school this fall, saying that kids "have very strong immune systems".

Trump says Covid - which has killed 140,000 Americans - is a 'downer' while bragging about being in 'so many rap songs'
Donald Trump has called the coronavirus a "downer" and "dampener" on his poll numbers, less than one week after the United States hit the grim milestone of 140,000 deaths.

"We were doing a great job. We were sailing. George Washington would've had a hard time beating us," Mr Trump said when speaking to Barstool's Dave Portnoy at the White House.

He added: "And then when the China virus came in. It's a dampener, it's a downer."

Trump is defending Confederate monuments as his GOP allies compare anti-racism protesters to the Confederacy
  • President Donald Trump's defense of Confederate monuments conflicts with recent GOP rhetoric on anti-racism protesters in the US.
  • Sen. Tom Cotton and White House senior adviser Stephen Miller in recent days have both likened protesters to secessionists.
  • Meanwhile, Trump continues to push against efforts to rename military bases named after Confederate generals, including an openness to reconsider by military leaders.
  • The dissonance is emblematic of the Trump administration's struggle to respond to ongoing protests against racism and police brutality as the president's approval rating slumps.

or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.