Coronavirus Newsbites

4 people at RNC in Charlotte test positive for COVID-19 after officials raised alarm about lack of social distancing and masks
  • The two attendees and two support staff of the RNC in Charlotte tested positive for COVID-19.
  • Earlier in the week, county health officials expressed concern about the lack of social distancing and masks at the RNC in Charlotte.
  • The official party business of the RNC took place in Charlotte, where the entire convention was originally set to be held, while President Donald Trump's speech and other events occurred in Baltimore and at the White House.
  • Trump has consistently faced criticism over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, and for not taking it more seriously in public. The US has the highest number of reported cases (over 5.8 million) and confirmed fatalities (over 181,000) from the virus in the world.

NBA Agrees To Use Arenas As Polling Places In Deal To Resume Playoffs
The NBA and its players union announce a plan to convert arenas into polling places to give communities vulnerable to COVID-19 a safe option for in-person voting.