Fact Checks

False Claims on Corporate Donations to Black Lives Matter
Posts on social media repeat an error reported by Lou Dobbs on Fox Business in July, claiming that major corporations were donating large sums of money to Black Lives Matter. The companies have pledged support for racial equality initiatives, but haven’t specified Black Lives Matter as a beneficiary.

Republican convention opening sees stream of misleading claims
The 2020 US election race is rife with concerns about misinformation, and the first session of the Republican National Convention did nothing to dispel them.

Several speakers made false or misleading claims on topics ranging from the US economy, President Donald Trump’s first-term promises, and the potential for fraud if there is heavy reliance on voting by mail.

The Trump administration’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic -- considered its biggest weakness going into the election -- was at the forefront of questionable claims being made in an attempt to persuade American voters that the incumbent deserves a second term.
  • Coronavirus response
  • Voter fraud
  • ‘Promises made, promises kept’
  • ‘Greatest economy’
  • Raising taxes on 82 percent of Americans

Posts Distort Impact of Biden’s Tax Plan on Middle-Income Earners
Facebook posts falsely claim that under Joe Biden, the “tax rate on a family making 75000 dollars would go from 12% to 25%.” Biden’s proposal does not call for a tax increase on those making less than $400,000, though analysts say an increased corporate tax rate could effectively result in a small tax increase for middle-income earners.

Trump son makes false claims on second night of Republican convention
One of Donald Trump’s sons falsely claimed that Joe Biden pledged to defund police and raise taxes on most Americans if elected, and also misconstrued the incumbent US president’s record on ending military conflicts, in a full-throated appeal for voters to grant his father a second term.