Fact Checks

Trump campaign ad features doctored images of Biden
A video ad from US President Donald Trump’s campaign claims to show his Democratic rival Joe Biden hiding alone in his basement. But images it features have been doctored; one actually pictures Biden with a group of people, and another was shot outdoors.

No evidence flu vaccines make children more vulnerable to coronavirus infections
Social media posts claim children vaccinated against the flu are at a significantly higher risk of contracting other respiratory infections, including coronaviruses. This is false; large studies in British Columbia and the US found no evidence that the influenza vaccine increases the risk of contracting a coronavirus, and health officials throughout North America recommend the flu vaccine for children during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social distancing in effect at John Lewis funeral
Social media posts shared more than 100,000 times claim social distancing aimed at preventing the spread of coronavirus was not practiced at the funeral of civil rights icon John Lewis, and that the church was full. This is false; photographs clearly show space between mourners, and a spokesperson for the church said it reached only a fraction of capacity as people stayed six feet apart, except for members of Lewis’s grieving family.

Discredited scientific paper behind false claims on COVID-5G link
Social media posts say that 5G technology creates coronavirus in human cells, but the false claim originated from a discredited paper later retracted by a scientific journal. The claims are not based on scientific evidence, experts say, and the paper was withdrawn after its publisher found “manipulation of the peer review” process.