August 15th is International Homeless 🐢 Animals' 🐈 Day

The homeless dogs and cats who spend each day fighting for their lives are struggling largely because of people’s failure to have their animal companions spayed and neutered, resulting in the births of more puppies and kittens into a world that doesn’t have enough loving homes for them.

Dogs and cats are domesticated animals who depend on humans to provide them with food, water, veterinary care, shelter, and safety, and they can’t survive for long without us. Because facilities with “no-kill” policies turn many animals away, more and more are ending up on the streets, where they reproduce and create even more homeless animals. Using COVID-19 as an excuse, many animal shelters are limiting intake of dogs and cats, even though folks sometimes have no other option. Some shelters are delaying taking in strays, diverting them, and even refusing to take them in at all. That means animals are being abandoned and essential services like spaying and neutering aren’t being done. This inhumane and irresponsible approach is causing more animals to suffer and die.

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