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Who is Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway and why is she quitting so close to the election?
The White House counsellor to the US president, Kellyanne Conway, has announced that she will step down at the end of this month.

The 53-year-old said personal reasons had led her to announce on Sunday night that she would no longer serve as an adviser to Donald Trump, a position she has held since 2016.

In a surprise move less than a day before the Republican National Convention (RNC) begins on Monday, Ms Conway said her decision was “completely my choice,” and that she would announce future plans “in time”.

TikTok users review-bombed Trump's campaign app so hard that Apple had to reset its star-rating
  • Angry TikTok users review-bombed Trump's official 2020 campaign app to the point where Apple had to reset the app's star rating, TechCrunch reports.
  • The review-bombing — where users post a flood of negative reviews — started in July, but intensified in August around the time Trump signed an executive order banning US companies from doing business with TikTok's parent company, ByteDance.
  • Apple reset the star rating on August 14, a day before Trump signed a second executive order stipulating TikTok sell off its US operations.

More than two dozen ex-GOP lawmakers join Republicans for Biden group hours before Trump's RNC convention
Joe Biden’s presidential campaign has launched an effort seeking to engage Republican voters ahead of the November election, with more than two dozen former GOP lawmakers joining a new "Republicans for Biden" initiative on Monday.

The roster of Republicans featured several prominent politicians in crucial battleground states, including former Arizona Senator Jeff Flake, an outspoken opponent of Donald Trump who has previously said that a “sound defeat” of the president would benefit the GOP.

The announcement comes on the first day of the Republican National Convention, in which party leaders decided to throw their full support behind the Republican incumbent — without making any formal changes to its 2016 policy platform.

Other former Republican lawmakers backing Mr Biden as part of the new initiative included former Virginia Senator John Warner and former New Hampshire Senator Gordon Humphrey.

The list also included several former congressmen, from former Arizona Rep Jim Kolbe and former Oklahoma Rep Mickey Edwards to former Mississippi Rep Mike Parker and former Illinois Rep Ray LaHood, who previously served under Barack Obama as the US secretary of Transportation.

In a statement to Fox News announcing the new initiative, a campaign official for the former vice president said “Trump’s failures have superseded partisanship”.

“These former members of Congress cited Trump’s corruption, destruction of democracy, blatant disregard for moral decency, and urgent need to get the country back on course as a reason why they support Biden,” the official told Fox News. “These former Members of Congress are supporting Joe Biden because they know what’s at stake in this election and that Trump’s failures as President have superseded partisanship.”

The campaign official also reportedly described the new initiative as a “strong rebuke” of the president.

Though Mr Trump has enjoyed strong approval ratings throughout his tenure in the White House among Republican voters, a wave of former GOP voices have come out in opposition to the president and his administration.

Here's what's in the Trump campaign's 2nd-term agenda for jobs and the economy as the Republican National Convention gets underway
  • Trump's campaign released a second-term agenda that touches on jobs, taxes, and the economy if the president is reelected in November.
  • It's an agenda stacked with ambition, but relatively empty on policy details.
  • Among the campaign's promises are the creation of 10 million new jobs over 10 months and tax cuts for workers.
  • Trump has struggled to publicly define what he would do in a second term in office.

Top Putin critic Alexei Navalny was probably poisoned, according to German doctors
  • Alexei Navalny was likely poisoned, according to German doctors.
  • Russian doctors previously said that Navalny, a prominent opponent of Putin, did not have traces of poison in his system.
  • "The patient is in an intensive care unit and is still in an induced coma. His health is serious but there is currently no acute danger to his life," the German hospital where Navalny is being treated said.
  • Russian authorities initially would not allow Navalny to be leave the country, but he was taken to Germany for further treatment late last wee

'The greatest scam in the history of politics': Trump claims Democrats will corruptly use mail-in votes to steal 2020 election from him
Donald Trump has claimed without evidence that “ballot harvesting” would cause the 2020 presidential elections to be “the greatest scam in the history of politics” as the president continued his false attacks against mail-in voting.

Speaking at the kickoff of the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, the president attacked efforts to expand mail-in voting amid the coronavirus pandemic, alleging it was a Democrat-led attempt to disrupt a “fair and free election”.

This is going to be one of the greatest scams,” Mr Trump said. “They’re going to mail out 80 million ballots. It’s impossible, they have no idea. Who’s mailing them? Mostly Democrat states and Democrat governors.”

New York attorney general investigating whether Trump inflated his assets to get loans
New York's state attorney general is investigating whether Donald Trump illegally inflated the value of his business assets on annual financial statements to help secure bank loans and other financial windfalls, the office revealed in a lawsuit filing on Monday.

The filing, from the office of New York AG Letitia James, is seeking to compel Mr Trump to comply with the state's subpoenas of financial records that he used to summarise his assets and debts when propositioning lenders.

Ms James' office told Reuters the subpoenas were issued as part of an “ongoing confidential civil investigation into potential fraud or illegality.”

Trump kicks off Republican convention with rambling speech filled with lies
  • More than eight hours before the officially televised programming was set to start, President Donald Trump made an unexpected appearance in the Republican National Convention hall in Charlotte, N.C.
  • Trump started out by rattling off a series of false and misleading statements on voting by mail.
  • Riffing almost the entire time, Trump touched on his usual slate of favorite topics, delivering lines such as, "The pandemic, we're handling it very well. Look at the crowds."
  • Other topics mentioned included an incorrect claim that the border wall is almost done, how much farmers supposedly tell Trump they love China, complaints over how cable news channels covered the roll call vote earlier in the hour, and how Trump believes the country was more divided under President Barack Obama.

Democratic presidents are better for the stock market and economy than Republicans, one study shows
  • Contrary to popular belief, the stock market and economy have performed better under Democratic presidents than it has under Republican presidents, according to data going back to 1946.
  • Liberum, a UK-based investment bank, pointed to historical stock market returns and annual GDP growth to make the case that a Republican president's drive to cut taxes and reduce government spending often leads to lower economic expansion and stock market returns than when a Democratic president is in office.
  • Since 1947, the S&P 500 has posted a total annual return of 10.8% under Democratic presidents, versus 5.6% under Republican presidents.
  • And if you exclude the Great Recession and COVID-19 pandemic, both of which happened under a Republican president, the data still points to stronger returns for Democratic presidents versus Republican presidents.

Trump says the economy is quickly recovering from the pandemic. But 4 jarring statistics blow a hole in his argument.
  • Trump ushered in the Republican National Convention with effusive praise for his economic record.
  • "There's never been three months when we've put more people to work. We're just about ready to break the all-time stock market record," Trump said at the RNC.
  • But four economic statistics illustrate an increasing level of hardship among many Americans that sharply diverges from the president's version of events.
  • Millions of Americans are unemployed and a growing share say they didn't eat enough. Many also face the prospect of evictions.

Prominent evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. denies having a sexual relationship with a former Miami pool attendant but says his wife did
  • A business partner of Jerry Falwell Jr. says he had a lengthy sexual relationship with the evalengical leader and his wife, Reuters reported.
  • Giancarlo Granda, the business partner, claims the relationship involved him having sex with Falwell's wife, Becki, while the evangelical leader watched.
  • Falwell is fervently denying that he was involved in the relationship, but did not deny his wife's involvement.
  • "Becki had an inappropriate personal relationship with this person, something in which I was not involved," Falwell said in a statement to the Washington Examiner.
  • Falwell was an early supporter of President Donald Trump and has had a close relationship with the Trump administration.
  • Falwell agreed to resign from the university on Monday, the Washington Post reported,

2020 isn't over yet. But these 11 Republicans are already making waves positioning themselves for 2024.
  • 11. Donald Trump Jr. (Previous rank: 11)
  • 10. Florida Sen. Rick Scott (Previous rank: 8)
  • 9. Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (Previous rank: 9)
  • 8. Missouri Sen. Joshua Hawley (Previous rank: 10)
  • 7. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (Previous rank: 7)
  • 6. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (Previous rank: 5)
  • 5. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Previous rank: 6)
  • 4. Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton (Previous rank: 4)
  • 3. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (Previous rank: 2)
  • 2. Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley (Previous rank: 3)
  • 1. Vice President Mike Pence (Previous rank: 1)

'If he says something is huge, it's probably small': Former Trump fixer Michael Cohen skewers the president in a Democratic ad on the opening night of the RNC
  • President Donald Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, hit the airwaves Monday as part of a Democratic political action committee's campaign ad urging Americans not to vote for Trump in the November election.
  • Later this week, Cohen said, Trump will "stand up and blatantly lie to you. I'm here to tell you he can't be trusted — and you shouldn't believe a word he utters."
  • "When you watch the president this week, remember this: if he says something is huge, it's probably small," he added. "If he says something will work, it probably won't."
  • Cohen said the president "thinks we are all gullible" and "a bunch of fools," adding, "I was a part of it, and I fell for it. You don't have to like me, but please, listen to me."
  • His appearance in Monday's ad comes as Cohen is set to release a new book in which he writes that he was an "active and eager participant" in multiple episodes involving tax fraud, conspiracies, and "golden showers in a sex club in Vegas."

Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz uses RNC speech to spread conspiracies and claim Democrats will 'disarm you, empty the prisons, lock you in your home, and invite MS-13 to live next door'
  • Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz spoke Monday night at the Republican convention.
  • Gaetz is among President Trump's most vocal supporters in Congress, and he didn't mince words during his speech at the Republican National Convention, urging voters to deliver Trump a win in the November election.
  • Gaetz is well known for using congressional hearings to push unfounded conspiracy theories and Republican talking points.
  • He's accused Democrats of engineering the FBI's Russia investigation to tank Trump's 2016 campaign; alleged that tech companies are secretly working with Democrats to censor conservative speech; and recently asked the Justice Department to investigate Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg after accusing him of lying to Congress.
  • Gaetz also landed in hot water this year after two separate reports said he shelled out more than $200,000 in taxpayer funds to a limited liability company and a longtime friend and donor.

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan spouts misinformation during his RNC speech and falsely accuses Democrats of letting 'crime, violence, and mob rule' run rampant
  • Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan took the stage at the Republican National Convention and delivered a speech full of misinformation and falsehoods.
  • He also accused Democratic lawmakers of letting "crime, violence, and mob rule" run rampant.
  • "Democrats refuse to denounce the mob and their response to the chaos? Defund the police, defund border patrol, and defund our military. And while they're doing all this, they're also trying to take away your guns," he said.
  • Jordan also accused the Obama administration of masterminding the Russia investigation to sabotage Trump and suggested Democrats hyped up the coronavirus pandemic to hurt Trump's reelection chances.
  • Jordan is one of President Donald Trump's biggest attack dogs on Capitol Hill and often makes headlines for hijacking congressional hearings to spread conspiracy theories.

Kimberly Guilfoyle: Ex-Fox News host attacks California in shouted speech at RNC
Kimberly Guilfoyle – the former Fox News host and girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr – denounced Democrat-run California as a drug-riddled nightmare of blackouts and riots.

In an impassioned recorded speech on the first night of the Republican National Convention, which saw her shouting by the end, Ms Guilfoyle said Joe Biden and Kamala Harris would "destroy" the country and "enslave" Americans with a "victim ideology" if elected.

Ms Guilfoyle, who serves as chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee, was previously married to Gavin Newsom, the current Democratic governor of California, making her attack on AMerica's most populous state all the more striking.

Night one of the RNC was all about spreading fear, in stark contrast to the hopeful message of the DNC
  • Republicans sought to inject fear in the hearts of Americans on the first night of the 2020 GOP convention.
  • Speaker after speaker warned that if Joe Biden wins, the US will be consumed by crime and morph into a socialist nation.
  • The speakers repeatedly made blatantly false, dystopian, and hyperbolic claims.

Donald Trump Jr. privately thinks Trump will lose in November, and fears prosecutions will follow, according to a new report which he has strongly denied
  • A Republican activist told The New York Times Magazine that Donald Trump Jr. believes his father will lose the presidential election in November.
  • The source said Trump Jr. fears that if his father loses it will lead to federal prosecutions of the president, his family and allies.
  • A spokesman for Trump Jr. strenuously denied the claims, describing them as "100 percent false."
  • Trump Jr, the president's eldest son took center stage at the GOP convention Monday, defending his father's record and attacking Democratic rival Joe Biden.

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