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ByteDance's head of security says it's impossible for China to get hold of TikTok user data because it's stored in the US
  • Roland Cloutier, head of security at TikTok's parent company ByteDance, told Cyberscoop the Chinese government can't demand TikTok user data because it's all stored in the US.
  • Trump signed an executive order on August 6 ordering TikTok to sell off its US business or shut down its operations in the country. The app poses a national security threat, he said.
  • Cloutier said any request for TikTok user data has to go through the US government, and that China has no jurisdiction over the app.

The biggest moments from the RNC, from apocalyptic speeches to widespread claims Trump misused the White House and his presidential power
  • The 2020 RNC ended on Thursday, after four nights in which Republicans sought to portray President Donald Trump as the defender of American values against the lawless forces of the left.
  • It was the RNC's first ever virtual convention, combining somber speeches and apocalyptic fear mongering with reality TV spectacle.
  • In speeches top Republicans sought to deflect criticism of Trump's character, and focus attention on what they claimed were the achievements of his presidency on issues like the economy and immigration.
  • The president used the White House as the setting for key moments of the convention, drawing criticism for violating rules against using federal buildings for political campaigns.

Fact-checking the most egregious lies and exaggerations from the Republican National Convention
  • The Republican National Convention was filled with dishonesty, from the highest profile guests to lines in the prepared text of everyday citizens invited to speak.
  • Speakers widely exaggerated claims about the coronavirus pandemic, the economy, President Donald Trump's policies, and those of his 2020 Democratic rival, Joe Biden.
  • Other inaccuracies involved historical facts, including misquoting Abraham Lincoln and misidentifying who signed the Declaration of Independence.

Odds of a Biden presidency are rising according to this stock signal, and a win would pose few risks to the market, LPL says
  • One stock market signal is pointing to rising odds of a Joe Biden presidency, according to a note published by LPL on Monday.
  • And if Biden does win and become president next year, the risks to the market will be minimal, and no more than the risks posed to the market under an Obama presidency, LPL said.
  • "We do not see a particularly strong reason to fear a Biden presidency from a market perspective today," LPL said.

Ignoring FBI And Fellow Republicans, Trump Continues Assault On Mail-In Voting
The president has backed off his attacks on the Postal Service but continues to question the integrity of mail ballots, without providing any evidence.

The Guardian view on Trump’s convention speech: the unwitting truth amid lies
The president’s address was an effective political spectacle, but said everything about what is wrong with him and the Republicans.

There are lies, there are damned lies – and then there was this week’s Republican national convention: a four-day cavalcade of brazen falsehoods from the president and his enablers. Wild distortions and exaggerations are hardly new to politics. But Donald Trump’s mendacity is in a class of its own, as his closing speech on Thursday underscored.

Facing grim unemployment figures that have holed his plan to run on the economy, he is an incumbent still campaigning as an outsider, and relying on race-baiting, fearmongering and slandering his rival. Joe Biden, previously dismissed as a creature of the Washington swamp, is now portrayed as a Trojan horse for radicals bent on tearing down the American dream. Yet the lies about Mr Biden and the Democrats pale beside those told about Mr Trump’s own record. Empathetic. Feminist. Most remarkably, in Melania’s telling, a man of “total honesty”.

'Say her name': Rand Paul confronted by protesters over after Republican convention

A group of angry protesters has confronted senator Rand Paul near the White House in Washington DC. As Rand walked through the crowd with his wife, demonstrators chanted 'say her name', in reference to Breonna Taylor, a black woman from Kentucky who was shot dead by police in May. After the incident, Paul tweeted to say that he had been 'attacked by an angry mob of over 100'.

What Trump wants in the next stimulus package
  • President Trump's executive actions after stimulus talks lapsed address a payroll-tax deferral, extending the eviction moratorium, enhancing unemployment benefits, and relieving student-loan debt.
  • Each of these is an issue in congress' ongoing negotiations for another stimulus, which have repeatedly broken down since late July.
  • The four actions taken by Trump — only one of which was an executive order — may not be constitutional because they would bypass congress' taxation and spending powers.
  • One of the actions would cut off funding for Social Security and Medicare, two programs he vowed in his 2016 campaign not to touch. It has to do with the payroll tax, which Trump has repeatedly suggested cutting during the pandemic.
  • Trump's memorandum on unemployment would effectively cut the program in place since March from a $600 weekly bonus to $400, while making states foot more of the bill.

Trump attacked Biden's economic plan as a huge tax hike for the middle-class. But most Americans wouldn't see their taxes directly increase.
  • Trump engaged in a barrage of inaccurate attacks on Democrats during his Thursday speech at the Republican National Convention.
  • He said Biden's tax plan would raise taxes on "almost all American families," which would "totally collapse our rapidly improving economy."
  • But experts across several think-tanks say most of the new taxes would fall squarely upon the highest earners, particularly the top 1% of households.</li>

Did the Republican National Convention rip off anti-Trump musician Ellie Goulding?
  • Instrumental music used several times during the Republican National Convention proceedings this week sounded strikingly similar to the chorus from Ellie Goulding's 2013 hit 'Burn.'
  • Goulding's publicist told Insider that no political party has permission to use the artist's music.
  • President Trump has previously caught flak from prominent musicians like the Rolling Stones and Tom Petty's family for using music without authorization.

Democrats Beat Republicans In Convention Television Ratings
Last week's virtual Democratic National Convention drew more TV viewers than this week's Republican National Convention, according to Neilson ratings released Friday.

or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.