Fact Checks

Unproven Nepotism Allegation in Montana Senate Race
Republican ads aimed at Facebook users in Montana make the unsubstantiated claim that Gov. Steve Bullock “steered 14.3 million Montana dollars to his brother’s company.”

William Bullock sold his shares in Pioneer Technical Services four years before his brother became governor in 2013, the company’s CEO told us.

Also, a spokesperson for Montana’s Department of Administration told FactCheck.org that the governor had “no involvement” in state contracts awarded to the Butte-based firm. The company’s CEO said it has consistently been selected for state work in Montana, dating back long before Steve Bullock became governor. Those contracts with the state go back to 1992, he said, a year after the company was co-founded by William Bullock.

Since Aug. 1, though, the National Republican Senatorial Committee has spent thousands of dollars running six-second ads on Facebook that give a different impression.

Trump Retweets Dated, Racially Charged Post
President Donald Trump retweeted a video, which had been posted under the misleading heading “Black Lives Matter/Antifa,” of a Black man shoving a white woman into a stopped subway car. The incident occurred on Oct. 23, 2019, and there is no indication that the man in the video was affiliated with, or motivated by, either Black Lives Matter or antifa.

It is the second time Trump has retweeted video of this incident.

Back in June, Trump retweeted a post of the video that included the comment, “Where are the protests for this?” Trump added his own comment, “So terrible!”

This video of a purported meteor shower was created using animation software
A video has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times in multiple posts on Twitter and Facebook which claim it shows a meteor shower captured in “broad daylight”. The claim is false: the video was created using animation software.

Misleading claim circulates online that Thai school banned students from raising three-finger salute
Multiple Facebook posts shared thousands of times claim that a school in Thailand has banned students from raising the three-finger salute, a symbol widely used in the ongoing nationwide anti-government protests. The claim is misleading; in response to the posts, the school issued a statement denying the claim; the school headmaster told AFP the school has made no announcement about the salute to date; and students say they have not been told of such a ban.

This video actually shows an anti-government protest in Belarus
A video has been shared thousands of times in multiple posts on Facebook alongside a claim that it shows a rally against coronavirus restrictions in the British capital of London. The claim is false; the footage shows an anti-government protest in Belarus in August 2020.