Fact Checks ☑️
Retail pharmacy chain in South Africa denies taunting competitor with advert amid race scandal
Leading South African pharmacy chain Clicks recently ignited a racism row with a shampoo promotion that described black hair as “dull” and white hair as “normal”. Amid the backlash, a purported advert taking subtle aim at Clicks went viral on social media and appeared to come from rival pharmacists Dis-Chem. However, Dis-Chem moved quickly to dispel the claim with repeated denials online and told AFP Fact Check all of its advertising takes weeks to approve.

Fox News is available in Canada
Posts shared thousands of times on Facebook claims that US cable news channel Fox News is not available in Canada due to media legislation in the country. This claim is false, according to Fox News and one of Canada’s largest television distributors.

Dramatic Hawaii sunset photo falsely used to depict California fires again
As wildfires rage across California, an aerial photo claiming to show clouds glowing red from fires below was shared thousands of times on social media. This is false; the photo depicts a sunset over Hawaii, its photographer told AFP, and it was previously misused to portray blazes in the Golden State two years earlier.

Trump Bucks Climate Science in Wildfire Briefing
In a briefing on the barrage of wildfires burning in the West, President Donald Trump baselessly claimed “it’ll start getting cooler,” adding that he didn’t think “science knows” whether or not temperatures would increase in the future. Scientists are very confident that global average temperatures will continue to rise as the world continues to emit heat-trapping greenhouse gases.

Trump’s Baseless Claim of Russian Support for Biden
In recent weeks, Trump administration officials have described attempts by Russia to undermine Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. Yet, contrary to official statements and actions by his own officials, President Donald Trump said that Russia “probably” wants Biden to win.

These photos show convoys at unrelated events in different Indian states in years past
A collage of three photos showing long queues of vehicles has been shared thousands of times in multiple Facebook and Twitter posts in September 2020 alongside a claim that the convoys consist of members of the Rajput caste, who were travelling to the Indian state of Maharashtra to show support for Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. The claim is false; these photos show different convoys at past events unrelated to Bollywood in the states of Gujarat and Rajasthan.

This photo has been doctored to include communist hammer and sickle symbol
A photo purporting to show Philippine politicians Sarah Elago and Satur Ocampo donning head scarves with a hammer-and-sickle print has been shared hundreds of times in multiple Facebook and Twitter posts. The claim is false: the photo has been digitally altered from an original that does not contain the communist symbol.

False claim circulates online that ‘hangover’ is a term derived from the historic practice of ‘sleeping on a rope’
A claim that the word “hangover” is derived from the historic practice frequented by British sailors during the reign of Queen Victoria, who bought “access to bend over a rope” after a heavy night of drinking has been shared hundreds of times on Facebook. However, this claim is false; an expert called the claim “nonsense” and said the term is a derivative of an earlier word meaning “after-effect”.