Fact Checks ☑️
Trump spreads manipulated video of Biden featuring song by N.W.A.
A video clip spread by US President Donald Trump on Twitter of Joe Biden at an event in Florida has been digitally altered to replace Spanish-language hit “Despacito” -- which the Democratic candidate played on his phone -- with anti-police brutality anthem “Fuck tha Police.”

Adding a stamp will not expedite US mail-in ballots with pre-paid postage
Social media posts claim that adding a stamp to a “postage paid ballot” will result in it being handled as first-class mail instead of the slower bulk. But the US Postal Service says pre-paid envelopes for ballots are already first class, so adding stamps is not necessary and will have no impact.

This video has circulated online since at least 2017
A video has been shared thousands of times on Facebook in August and September 2020 alongside a claim that it shows a train loaded with military equipment heading towards China’s southeastern Fujian province for an “attack” on Taiwan. The claim is misleading; this video has circulated online since at least 2017.

This photo was taken nearly 100 years after Chinese Emperor Qianlong's death
A black-and-white portrait of three men was shared in multiple social media posts alongside a claim that the man in the middle is Emperor Qianlong, who ruled China for much of the 18th century, during the Qing Dynasty. The claim is false; the photo in fact shows Chinese men in the late 19th century, according to a UK museum that published the original. The first known photograph including a human was taken in the 1830s, decades after the death of Emperor Qianlong.

False claim circulates that Pakistani singer was shot dead after transgender woman with same name murdered
A photo of Gul Panra, a popular Pakistani Pashto singer, has been shared multiple times on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that Panra was shot dead in the Pakistani city of Peshawar. The claim is false; Panra is alive and well; the posts circulated online after a transgender woman by the same name was murdered in Peshawar.

Misleading claim about vaccines and polio outbreaks in Africa spreads online
A claim that polio outbreaks reported in several African countries in September 2020 were caused by corresponding vaccines has been shared multiple times on websites and various social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Reddit. The claim is misleading; health authorities say “vaccine-derived poliovirus” is genetically different from the virus found in polio vaccines, and only affects populations with low immunity.

Medical experts say having a dry throat 'does not increase the risk' of infection
Multiple posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Line messaging app claim that having a dry throat will cause germs to enter one’s body. The claim is false; the Thai Public Health Ministry denies it has ever issued such advice; medical experts say dry throat does not increase the risk of infection.