Fact Checks ☑️
These old photos actually show an actress and a Muslim murder victim
Two photos — one of a young woman and one of a female corpse — have been shared in multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter that claim they show a Hindu woman who was killed after marrying a Muslim man. The photos were published alongside an image of an invitation to an interfaith wedding. The claim is false; these are old photos that show an actress and the body of a Muslim girl who was reportedly murdered in 2018.

Old photos of unrelated aircrafts are used to claim Rafale fighter jet crashed during training in India in September 2020
Four photos have been shared in multiple posts on Facebook and Twitter alongside a claim that they show a crashed Dassault Rafale fighter jet in India in September 2020, just two months after India procured the jets from France in a deal that sparked months of political controversy. However, the claim is false; three images have separately circulated online since February 2019 in reports about the crash of another fighter jet, while one image is a stock photo of a Rafale fighter jet.

Old video shared by Nigerian activist does not depict recent electoral violence in Nigerian state
A group of men filmed lying on the ground, surrounded by a vocal crowd, was shared by a popular Nigerian rights activist, claiming to show war in Nigeria’s Edo state ahead of a governorship poll on September 19, 2020. However, the footage was taken in 2019 right before the country’s general elections and is unrelated to this weekend’s state polls.

Posts Mislead on Biden’s Role in Social Security Taxes
Posts on Facebook and Twitter suggest that former Vice President Joe Biden is responsible for taxes on Social Security, but those posts ignore the political history and mislead on the details. The posts also twist Biden’s proposals on retirement contributions.

Climate change is key factor behind California wildfires
Social media posts claim that wildfires raging through California are due to poor land management, not climate change, echoing comments from US President Donald Trump. The claims are false; while land management is a factor, global warming has left California hotter, drier and more prone to wildfires, according to government-approved research and academics.

Map of US fires used to cast doubt on cause of infernos
Social media users claim a map showing a wave of wildfires in the US but none in neighboring countries proves climate change is not to blame, with some instead pointing to politically-motivated arson. This is false; fires have occurred in Canada and Mexico this year, and US law enforcement agencies say recent arson arrests are unrelated to political extremism.

Target stores did not introduce Black Lives Matter T-shirt as employee uniform
Social media posts claim a Black Lives Matter T-shirt is the new uniform for employees of US retailer Target. This is false; although the outfit shown in the posts complies with the company’s dress code guidelines, the T-shirt is not a “uniform,” a Target spokesperson said.