Fact Checks ☑️
False Facebook posts claim Philippine vice president demanded multi-billion dollar budget for her office in 2021
A video has been viewed tens of thousands of times in multiple Facebook posts which claim that Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo demanded a budget of four trillion pesos ($82.38 billion) for her office in 2021. The claim is false; Robredo in fact proposed a budget of 679 million pesos ($13.98 million) during congressional deliberations in September 2020.

Photos and videos shared with false claims about oceans meeting in Gulf of Alaska
Posts shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media claim to show the point where the oceans meet in the Gulf of Alaska. This is false; only one of the images was actually taken in the Gulf of Alaska according to the people who took the original videos and photographs, and oceanographers said none depicts two oceans meeting.

Trump’s False Claim About Mail Ballot Signatures in Nevada
At a rally in Vandalia, Ohio, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that Nevada voters are not required to sign their mail ballots and, if they do sign them, the signatures don’t have to be verified.

The law requires mail ballots to include valid voter signatures, which must be verified by election officials. A law signed in August by Democratic Gov. Steve Sisolak expanding mail voting in the state did spell out in more detail than previous laws the procedures for dealing with suspect signatures and provisions for allowing voters to verify them. But it did not change the signature requirement.

Trump’s False Auto Industry Claims
Continuing a years long trend, President Donald Trump made false and misleading comments about new auto plants in Michigan, and the industry at large — boasting in recent campaign rallies about accomplishments that aren’t true.
  • Trump claimed his entreaties to the prime minister of Japan led to the announcement of “five plants” in Michigan. There have been five new investments — not “plants” — by Japanese car companies since 2017; one of them is a manufacturing facility for fuel cells, not an auto assembly plant.
  • The president falsely claimed there hadn’t been a new auto plant built in “40 years.” Volvo and Mercedes-Benz both announced new plants in 2015.
  • He claimed that car manufacturing and sales were “record setting.” Neither is at record levels, and annual figures show manufacturing and sales have dropped since 2016 under Trump.
The number of motor vehicle and parts manufacturing jobs in Michigan has gone down — not up — under Trump, even before the coronavirus pandemic caused economic shutdowns.

McDonald’s and the American Flag
Social media posts — without evidence — have accused McDonald’s of taking down American flags in support of Black Lives Matter and antifa. The company says that is “not true.”

Biden Was Looking at a TV Screen, Not a Teleprompter
A clip from a television interview with former Vice President Joe Biden is circulating online with the false claim that he is reading from a teleprompter. Actually, Biden was looking at a screen showing a viewer’s question before he looks at the interviewer in the room with him.