Fact Checks

This image does not show a real storm in the US - it's digital artwork
An Instagram post that purports to show a dramatic storm in the United States has been liked hundreds of times. However, the claim is false; the image’s creator told AFP Fact Check he produced the digital artwork using stock pictures.

Mail-in Voting Envelopes Don’t Reveal Party During General Election
Facebook posts falsely suggest that envelopes used for mail-in ballots in general elections reveal party affiliation, saying postal workers may “toss” votes. Voting experts say they don’t know of any such labels in general elections — only on envelopes during primary elections.

Jill Biden Didn’t Propose All Americans Be ‘Required to Learn Spanish’
Jill Biden hasn’t said that all Americans will be “required” to learn Spanish if her husband wins the 2020 presidential election, contrary to a false claim shared on social media. The quote first appeared in a headline from a website that calls its work satire.

This footage shows a man diving into a flooded street in India
A video that shows a man diving off a building into a flooded street has been viewed more than two millions times on Facebook alongside a claim that he performed the stunt in the Pakistani city of Karachi. The claim is false; the footage in fact shows a man diving in the Indian city of Indore, which experienced major flooding in August 2020.