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Trump administration's tariffs on Chinese goods violated WTO trade rules, report says
  • The World Trade Organization ruled Tuesday that the US's tariffs on Chinese goods violate international trade rules, according to Bloomberg.
  • Three panelists found that the Trump administration's tariffs on more than $400 billion of Chinese exports unfairly targeted the country and skirted the WTO's dispute settlement body.
  • The decision serves a major hit the tough-on-China stance President Donald Trump ran on in his 2016 campaign and continues to evoke heading into the 2020 US presidential election.
  • Still, the administration's previous gutting of WTO's appellate body effectively allows the US to veto its ruling and avoid enforcement.

Here is a complete accounting of all 33 credible sexual misconduct allegations against Joe Biden and Donald Trump
  • For the first time in US history, both presidential nominees of the dominant parties have been credibly accused of sexual misconduct.
  • President Donald Trump, the Republican incumbent, has been accused of forcible kissing or groping by 16 women. An additional seven have accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior. Two others have accused him of sexual assault or rape.
  • Joe Biden, the former vice president and Democratic nominee, has been accused of inappropriate touching or comments by eight people. One of them accused him of sexual assault.
  • Business Insider reviewed each allegation made against the candidates, and its degree of corroboration. We also asked the accusers and the candidates for comment.

Trump retweeted an old video of Biden rubbing a woman's shoulders with the hashtag 'PedoBiden,' explicitly pushing a QAnon conspiracy
  • President Donald Trump retweeted a post that featured the hashtag 'PedoBiden', pushing a fringe theory against his 2020 Democratic opponent Joe Biden on Tuesday.
  • The 2015 video shows Biden touching the shoulders of an adult woman at an event in the White House, but the accusation is untrue and has been promoted by the far-right conspiracy movement QAnon.
  • Biden has been accused of behaving inappropriately toward women in the past.

Scientific American backs Joe Biden, endorsing a presidential candidate for the first time in its 175-year history
  • Scientific American endorsed former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday, marking the first time the renowned magazine has backed a presidential candidate in its 175-year history.
  • President Donald Trump's history of denying and politicizing science prompted this decision, according to the publication's editors.
  • "The evidence and the science show that Donald Trump has badly damaged the U.S. and its people — because he rejects evidence and science," they wrote.
  • Scientific American excoriated Trump for pushing against the science on COVID-19 and climate change.

The Trump campaign and Republican political committees are accepting donations from people claiming QAnon ties. And they may be violating federal law
  • The Trump campaign, the Republican National Committee, and other GOP groups are accepting donations from dozens of people who claim to be associated with the QAnon conspiracy, which the FBI considers a domestic threat.
  • QAnon, a baseless conspiracy theory claiming a liberal, devil-worshiping pedophile syndicate secretly controls national affairs and will only be stopped by President Donald Trump, has taken root among some right-wing Republicans and is thriving on social media.
  • The donations from people claiming to be employed by QAnon may violate federal election law, which explicitly forbids making ‘materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent’ statements to a federal agency.
  • Trump has described QAnon devotees as 'people who love our country' and who 'like me very much, which I appreciate.' The president has also endorsed QAnon backer Marjorie Taylor Greene, who is expected to win a congressional seat in Georgia, as a 'future Republican star.'

Trump is less trusted than Putin and Xi and the US is hitting historic lows of approval from its closest allies
  • The United States' image has soured within the international community, hitting all-time lows among key allies since Pew started polling two decades ago.
  • Among the 13-countries surveyed include Canada, France, Germany, UK and Japan.
  • The results showed that people have less confidence in Trump as a leader than Russia's Vladimir Putin and China's Xi Jinping.
  • Majority of the publics also say Trump mishandled the US's coronavirus response.

Trump's HHS spokesman is considering taking medical leave after spreading wild conspiracies about armed left-wing 'hit squads' attacking Trump's inauguration
  • Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson Michael Caputo said Tuesday that he may take medical leave.
  • The announcement comes after Caputo went on a 26-minute Facebook rant peddling conspiracy theories, warning of an armed insurrection by left-wing groups after the election, and saying his "mental health has definitely failed."
  • He also predicted that Trump will win the election, Joe Biden will not concede, and when Trump "refuses to stand down at the inauguration, the shooting will begin."
  • Caputo's remarks were in many ways a more extreme version of comments the president himself has made about COVID-19 and the election.

Trump falsely claimed that the California wildfires were fueled by trees that 'explode'
  • President Donald Trump said during a televised briefing in Sacramento on Monday that "explosive trees" may have helped fuel the record-breaking wildfires.
  • Trees don't spontaneously burst into flames, so it's unclear exactly what Trump meant.
  • But Trump has long argued that wildfires could be eliminated if forests were cleaned of dead trees, leaves, and debris.
  • Scientists have said that changes in climate can lead to drier and warmer conditions that put regions at higher risks of wildfires.

Biden's tax plan won't raise many Americans' taxes, unless you're rich
  • American households earning less than $400,000 won't see a tax increase under Joe Biden's tax plan, but the top 0.1% could end up paying as much as an extra 12.4%, an analysis by the University of Pennsylvania shows.
  • The ultrawealthy will also see cuts to their take-home pay due to higher corporate taxes under the Biden plan.
  • President Trump said he would seek to lower all Americans' taxes once again if reelected, but has not shared any plans for how to do so.

Trump claims he demanded Jim Mattis to resign — but the retired Marine reportedly made 2 copies of his resignation letter when he quit
  • President Donald Trump continued to assert that former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis was fired rather than voluntarily resigning.
  • Trump claimed he asked Mattis for a letter of resignation.
  • The president's recollection of the incident contradicts the account written in Bob Woodward's recent White House tell-all, "Rage."
  • In the book, Woodward wrote that Mattis made two copies of his resignation letter — one copy to take with him to a contentious meeting with Trump, and the other copy in his office to release to news organizations.

A pro-Trump youth activist group paid teenagers to push conservative talking points on social media, including misleading claims and disinformation
  • Turning Point Action, an affiliate of pro-Trump youth organization Turning Point USA, paid teenagers — some minors — in Arizona to push conservative talking points over social media, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.
  • Twitter and Facebook banned multiple accounts as part of an ongoing review in response to The Post's questions about the social media campaign.
  • Experts told The Washington Post that those posts could circumvent the efforts by social media platforms to curb the spread of disinformation, despite its similarity to spam-bots and troll accounts.
  • “In 2016, there were Macedonian teenagers interfering in the election by running a troll farm and writing salacious articles for money,” Graham Brookie, director of the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, told The Post. “In this election, the troll farm is in Phoenix.”

'Let me finish my question, sir': A voter shut down Trump when he started talking over her at a town hall
  • President Donald Trump appeared at an ABC News town hall event Tuesday night, where he faced questions from multiple voters.
  • At one point, Trump started to talk over Ellesia Blaque, an assistant professor from Philadelphia with preexisting conditions, who was asking a question about Obamacare.
  • When he did so, she immediately shut him down, saying: "Please stop and let me finish my question, sir."
  • At Tuesday night's town hall Trump was also confronted on his response to the coronavirus pandemic, racial-justice protests, immigration, and more.

A Black voter asked Trump if he knows how 'tone deaf' his MAGA slogan sounds to the African American community
  • Carl Day, a pastor, challenged President Donald Trump on his "Make America Great Again" slogan during Tuesday night's ABC News town hall event.
  • "Are you aware of how tone deaf that comes off to the African American community?" Day asked him.
  • The president responded by touting his administration's economic record, saying it benefitted African American communities.
  • Trump has waged a racially divisive re-election campaign, focussed on stirring fears of anti-racism protests and anti-segragation laws.

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