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Mary Trump says her uncle will go 'farther than you can possibly imagine' to hold onto power if he loses the election as he's afraid of prosecution
  • Mary Trump said that Americans should take Donald Trump's suggestion he might not accept the election result seriously.
  • Speaking at a virtual fundraiser Thursday, when asked how far she believes her uncle would be willing to go to remain in the White House, she replied, "farther than you can possibly imagine," reported the Huffington Post.
  • Mary Trump has emerged as a vocal critic of her uncle, claiming that a scarred childhood has left him with a series of pathological personality traits.
  • Her warning came as President Trump on Wednesday repeatedly refused to confirm that he would accept the result of the election and stirred baseless fears of electoral fraud.
,,, At the fundraiser Thursday, Mary Trump, an out lesbian, also spoke about her uncle's animosity towards minorities, and said he is "particularly vicious" about transgender people.

Trump's chief of staff goes after the FBI director for not echoing the president's baseless claims on voter fraud
  • FBI Director Christoper Wray told senators on Thursday that the agency has not seen "historically, any kind of coordinated national voter fraud effort in a major election, whether it's by mail or otherwise."
  • Wray's comments contradicted President Donald Trump's baseless assertions about mail-in ballots leading to widespread voter fraud.
  • White House chief of staff Mark Meadows responded by denigrating Wray on CBS News on Friday morning.
  • "With all due respect to Director Wray, he has a hard time finding emails in his own FBI, let alone figuring out whether there's any kind of voter fraud," Meadows said.

Historians and election experts warn Trump is behaving like Mussolini and despots that the US usually condemns
  • President Donald Trump has refused to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he loses the election.
  • Historians and experts on fascism warn that Trump is behaving like the dictators the US is often leading the way to condemn on the global stage.
  • "This is the way dictators come to power," historian Michael Beschloss warned in an MSNBC appearance on Thursday.

Millions of poor Americans could get left out of Trump's legally dubious plan to send $200 drug discount cards to 33 million Medicare beneficiaries
  • Trump's legally dubious pledge to send out $200 cards to Medicare beneficiaries could leave out 13 million low-income Americans receiving federal aid within the program.
  • The "Extra Help" program within Medicare provides poor Americans with subsidies that can be used towards prescription drug copays and premiums.
  • The administration appears to be focusing on aiding seniors that are not already getting federal aid.
  • "It doesn't mean they're having an easier time affording their medication," healthcare expert Juliette Cubanski said of people enrolled in Extra Help.

Trump's acting Bureau of Land Management director just got removed by a federal judge, who said he was serving unlawfully
  • A federal judge ruled Friday that William Perry Pendley, Trump's acting director of the Bureau of Land Management, has been serving unlawfully, blocking him from continuing to hold the position.
  • The judge ruled that Pendley had served unlawfully for 424 days without Senate confirmation as required by the US Constitution.
  • Pendley, a former oil industry attorney, has been a key figure in Trump's efforts to loosen environmental protections and has a long history of undermining Native Americans' rights.
  • Several other top Trump officials have unlawfully bypassed required Senate confirmation by serving in "acting" roles, such as acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and his acting deputy, Ken Cuccinelli.

or Trump-ism

Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.