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Trump repeatedly attacked his former ally the Drudge Report, instead boosting other right-wing outlets more favorable to him
  • President Donald Trump attacked the Drudge Report after it led its site with an article about Trump denying having "mini-strokes."
  • He asserted that the aggregator site — one of the top news destinations in the US — is doing "poorly" as because of a perceived lack of support for him.
  • Drudge — run by its namesake Matt Drudge — was long considered an ally of Trump despite sharing some unfavorable coverage.
  • Trump later reposted a tweet that prompted the right-wing Revolver News over the Drudge Report, and then shared a string of other news coverage more complimentary to him.

Democrats are increasingly worried Trump's 'law and order message is resonating with swing state voters
  • Democrats have warned Joe Biden's advisers that Trump's "law and order" message and images of unrest in American cities risked alienating supporters in mid-west swing states.
  • Biden has backed anti-racism protests, but after the warning delivered a speech in Pittsburgh condemning violence and looting at protests.
  • A POLITICO poll shows that support for anti-racism protests is declining since June, which may indicate that Trump's attacks are helping to sway voters.

Joe Biden’s Shrinking Lead Is a Reminder for Democrats – Trump Could Win
With two months to go before Election Day, Democratic nominee Joe Biden's lead over President Donald Trump has narrowed, both nationally and in critical battleground states. Two new polls out Wednesday, one by Selzer & Co., and one by Suffolk University, show Biden ahead nationally by 8 and 7 percentage points, respectively, while a Monmouth University survey shows a dramatic shrinkage in Biden's advantage in his birth state of Pennsylvania. Monmouth – which had Biden ahead by a startling 13 percentage points in mid-July – found the former vice president leading by 4 percentage points among all registered voters now.

The numbers are both predictable and unnerving for the Biden campaign. It's typical for the race to tighten around Labor Day, as voters settle into their choices and "come home" to their party's nominee. And political analysts have been skeptical that the double-digit leads Biden had over Trump in polling earlier in the summer would hold.

But the surveys are a jolting reminder, too, to Democrats that the race is still fundamentally close and could flip Trump's way – just as it did in 2016, when he scored an upset Electoral College win over Democrat Hillary Clinton despite having lost the popular vote.

"We're still dealing, fundamentally and structurally, with a very close election," Guy Cecil, chair of the Democratic SuperPAC Priorities USA, told reporters in a conference call Wednesday.

Second Trump Administration Appointee Ousted from FDA Following Blood Plasma Fumble
The Food and Drug Administration has removed a second Trump administration appointee after the agency faced backlash for commissioner Stephen Hahn's claims about the effectiveness of blood plasma to treat coronavirus patients.

John "Wolf" Wagner is no longer serving as the agency's associate commissioner for external affairs, according to Politico, which first reported the news. Wagner, who has ties to the Republican Party and the Trump White House, will start a new position in the Department of Health and Human Services within the office of the assistant secretary for preparedness and response.

The move comes just days after FDA ousted chief spokeswoman Emily Miller, who previously worked in communications for the reelection campaign of Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas and as a reporter for One America News, a right-wing cable network.

Miller helped prep Hahn for the plasma emergency use authorization announcement, in which he said that data from the Mayo Clinic showed that the use of convalescent plasma reduced the risk of death by 35%. He said that means that if 100 people got the virus, the treatment would save 35 of them.

Trump remains silent on the poisoning of Putin's top opponent as other world leaders demand answers from Russia
  • World leaders on Wednesday condemned Russia over Germany's announcement that Vladimir Putin's top opponent was poisoned, but President Donald Trump stayed conspicuously silent.
  • The nerve agent Novichok was found in Alexei Navalny's system, Germany said on Wednesday.
  • The National Security Council's spokesperson issued a statement, but Trump didn't say anything as he continued to attack his own political opponents via Twitter.

Jared Kushner's sister-in-law, the supermodel Karlie Kloss, plans to campaign for Biden
  • Supermodel and Project Runway host Karlie Kloss will appear at a campaign event for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden on Thursday.
  • The event focuses on young women working in science, technology, engineering, art, and math.
  • Kloss is married to Joshua Kushner, the younger brother of Jared Kushner, a White House adviser.
  • She has been clear about her liberal beliefs and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Trump suggests people in North Carolina should vote twice to test the state's mail-in ballot system, but voting more than once in an election is illegal
  • President Donald Trump suggested people in North Carolina should vote twice, in-person and by mail, in the upcoming November general election, NBC News reported on Wednesday.
  • It's illegal to vote more than once in an election.
  • Trump has sought to cast doubt on the US voting system, often repeating the false claim that mail-in voting opens the door to fraud.

Biden condemns 'Russian state' for poisoning of Alexey Navalny, says Trump's 'silence is complicity'
  • Former Vice President Joe Biden issued a statement Wednesday blaming the Russian government for the poisoning of opposition politician Alexey Navalny.
  • "Once again, the Kremlin has used a favorite weapon – an agent from the Novichok class of chemicals – in an effort to silence a political opponent," Biden said.
  • Germany, where Navalny is being treated, said tests proved the nerve agent had been used in the attack.
  • Biden slammed President Donald Trump for not criticizing the attack, saying "his silence is complicity."

Trump threatens to cut funding to so-called 'anarchist' cities like Portland and NYC if they refuse to let him send federal forces to confront protesters
  • President Trump has signed a White House memo ordering officials to find ways to cut federal funding to cities deemed "anarchist jurisdictions."
  • It singles out New York City; Washington, DC; and Portland, Oregon, as examples.
  • It says that defunding police, or "unreasonably" rejecting federal assistance to quell protests, can be reasons for defunding.
  • Critics are calling the move a stunt, and say any such action would require congressional approval.

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