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Trump reportedly took home $750,000 worth of art from the home of the US ambassador to France in 2018 after canceling a World War I cemetery visit
  • Donald Trump took $750,000 of art from the US ambassdor's residence in Paris to the White House after he canceled a cemetery visit commemorating US World War I dead, Bloomberg reported.
  • The 2018 decision caused stress for officials but was deemed legal as the art is US property, the report said.
  • The art was a bust and a portrait of US founding father Benjamin Franklin and figurines of Greek mythical characters, but they were found to be replicas and copies, Bloomberg reported.
  • Trump's 2018 trip is under new scrutiny a report in The Atlantic claimed Trump called Marines who died defending Paris in World War I "losers" and "suckers" after his cemetery visit was cancelled.

More and more top Republicans are warning that Trump's groundless claims about mail-in voting could tank the party in November
  • Kevin McCarthy, the Republican Party's top House lawmaker, has told Axios that President Donald Trump's war on mail-in voting could backfire.
  • "We could lose based on that," McCarthy told the outlet, and said he had personally addressed the issue with Trump.
  • McCarthy believes that older voters — a key part of the GOP's support — worried about catching the coronavirus could be deterred by Trump's attacks from voting by mail.
  • He is one of multiple top Republicans to break with the president over the issue, with several GOP senators having also backed mail-in voting.

Trump admires Putin because he is rich and runs Russia like it's his personal company, according to Michael Cohen's new book
  • President Donald Trump's admiration of Vladimir Putin is down to the Russian president's wealth and his running his country "like it was his personal company," according to excerpts of a new memoir.
  • The president's former lawyer, Michael Cohen, made the claims in his memoir coming out Tuesday, which were published by CNN and The Washington Post.
  • Cohen, who described himself as Trump's "fixer" and "designated thug," said in the excerpts that he had spent years observing Trump's behavior and motivations.
  • Cohen is serving a federal sentence for crimes, including lying to Congress. A White House spokesperson dismissed his credibility in a statement to The Post.

Michael Cohen says Trump once said after meeting evangelical Christians: 'Can you believe people believe that bulls---?'
  • Michael Cohen, the former fixer and lawyer to President Donald Trump, is releasing a memoir on Tuesday called "Disloyal."
  • In the book, Cohen details how Trump reacted after meeting with evangelical Christians before winning the 2016 election. An excerpt was published by The Washington Post.
  • According to the excerpt, Cohen says Trump remarked after the meeting: "Can you believe people believe that bulls---?"
  • Cohen also says it was a "cosmic joke" that Trump had managed to convince working-class people that he cared about them, but "the truth was that he couldn't care less."
  • Evangelical Christians — which make out one in four Americans — were credited with helping Trump win the White House, with 80% of evanglicals voting for Trump in 2016.

Trump's Secretary of Veterans Affairs defended the president's reported insults toward the military, saying it's just 'politics'
  • Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Wilkie defended President Donald Trump after a bombshell report by The Atlantic said he called American World War I dead "losers" and dead Marines "suckers."
  • Wilkie, a Trump appointee, said he did not believe the report and said that Trump had done good work for veterans.
  • When pressed by CNN over Trump reportedly calling Sen. John McCain — a former prisoner of war who died in 2018 — a "loser," Wilkie said his comments were "politics" and "the heat of a campaign."
  • Trump denied The Atlantic's reporting — though some details have been confirmed by other outlets — and said he never called McCain a "loser," though he has previously done so publicly.

Michael Cohen says Trump once leered at his 15-year-old daughter and asked: 'When did she get so hot?'
  • President Donald Trump's former personal lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, said Trump once leered at Cohen's teenage daughter in 2012.
  • Cohen said he, his daughter, and Trump were at his New Jersey golf club when Cohen caught Trump staring at his daughter.
  • Cohen included the detail in his upcoming memoir, "Disloyal," which is coming out Tuesday.
  • Business Insider has contacted the White House for comment on the claims.

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Trumpism refers to the nontraditional political philosophy and approach espoused by US President Donald Trump and his supporters. The term Trumpism can also be used to directly refer to an outrageous or idiosyncratic statement made by Donald Trump.

Trumpisms are Bushisms on steroids.