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Biden calls Trump 'downright un-American' and Trump says Biden is 'stupid' as presidential campaign enters its last leg
  • President Donald Trump and Democratic rival former Vice President Joe Biden traded insults on Monday as the 2020 presidential campaign entered its final leg with the US Labor Day holiday on Monday.
  • “Biden is a stupid person, you know that,” President Donald Trump said on Monday during a press conference.
  • At a campaign stop, Biden took a swipe at Trump calling him "downright un-American," while citing a report from The Atlantic that quoted sources saying Trump called fallen US troops "losers" and "suckers."

Trump escalated his friction with the military, saying its leaders 'want to do nothing but fight wars' so weapon makers can be 'happy'
  • President Donald Trump escalated tensions between him and the military, claiming its leadership "want to do nothing but fight wars" so defense contactors makers can be "happy."
  • He made his comments on Monday as part of his denial of The Atlantic's report that he called dead American soldiers "losers" and "suckers."
  • "I'm not saying the military's in love with me. The soldiers are," he said Monday.
  • NBC News also reported that Trump is unhappy with Defense Secretary Mark Esper, and has held talks with the Secretary of Veterans Affairs about replacing him.

The Trump campaign has reportedly squandered most of the $1.1 billion it raised, blowing millions on Super Bowl ads to rival Bloomberg and targeted DC ads to please Trump
  • Between January and July this year, President Donald Trump's reelection campaign has spent $800 million of its $1.1 billion campaign war chest, a New York Times investigation has found.
  • Some of the big spends by the campaign seemed more designed to please Trump than win over voters, with millions spent on ads in solidly Democratic Washington, DC, The Times reported.
  • The campaign also spent $11 million on Super Bowl ads to rival former Democratic candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg, The Times said.
  • Much of the spending can be traced to decisions by Brad Parscale, who was demoted as Trump's campaign manager after June's disastrous Tulsa rally.
  • New Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien has since imposed "a series of belt-tightening measures," The Times reported.

Here's why Trump's real-estate pals in NYC and the Hamptons are abandoning the president's reelection bid now
  • Major real-estate executives who supported Donald Trump's 2016 campaign have abandoned the president in the final months of his reelection effort.
  • Sources say these billionaire owners have wanted to distance themselves from the president because supporting Trump could stir public backlash as their businesses remain fragile amid the pandemic.
  • The lack of support is part of a general dearth of big-ticket donors for President Trump's reelection campaign in 2020.

Top General Pushes Back on Trump’s Claim of Defense Contractors’ Influence in War
The Army's most senior officer pushed back Tuesday on President Donald Trump's assertions that Defense Department leaders choose to continue fighting wars abroad in an attempt to keep private defense firms "happy."

"Senior leaders would only recommend sending troops to combat when it's required as a national security, or as a last resort," Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville said Tuesday morning in a virtual event with media outlet Defense One. "I feel strongly about that."

McConville at first declined to comment on Trump's increased criticism of the Pentagon's top leaders in recent days, saying the military is apolitical, and must remain that way particularly during an election year. He later responded when asked about private companies' influence in the decision to go to war.

During a White House press conference Monday afternoon, the president centered on a concern that has been put forward by both Republicans and Democrats that military contractors – behemoths such as Raytheon, Boeing and General Dynamics – have outsized influence on the military decision-making process.

US Army's top officer says sending troops to war is a 'last resort' after Trump blasts military leaders 'who want to do nothing but fight wars'
  • President Donald Trump accused military leaders of fighting endless wars to satisfy defense companies during a press conference on Monday.
  • On Tuesday, Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville, the Army's most senior officer, defended military leaders, saying that the brass takes the decision to send troops to war "very seriously."
  • "Many of these leaders have sons and daughters that serve in the military, many of these leaders have sons and daughters who have gone to combat or may be in combat right now," he said, while refusing to comment directly on the president's remarks.

Trump accuses military leaders of exactly what his administration is doing — helping US weapons companies profit off of wars
  • President Trump on Monday accused military leadership of wanting to "fight wars" to help arms makers boost profits, but ignored his own record of doing just that.
  • The Trump administration has consistently sought to expand arms sales around the world, including to countries with well-documented records of bombing civilians like Saudi Arabia.
  • Trump's foreign policy, and prioritization of arms sales, has helped exacerbate conflicts like the devastating war in Yemen.
  • Arms sales have increased dramatically under Trump's watch, with Saudi Arabia as a top customer. Exports of major arms from the US grew by 23% in comparing the periods 2010–14 and 2015–19.

1.3 million active-duty troops will have their payroll taxes deferred under Trump's controversial order — and they can't opt out
  • Trump's payroll tax deferral will go into effect starting September 15 for 1.3 million active US troops.
  • The deferral stems from a criticized executive order that Trump signed last month that temporarily suspends the collection of a Social Security tax from paychecks through December 31.
  • The money needs to be paid back by April 30, which would prompt an employer to collect the tax twice for four months in 2021.
  • Democrats ripped into the policy move, calling it politically motivated and "disgraceful."

'I was instantly furious': Marine veteran and Gold Star widow blasts Trump after seeing photo of him at her husband's grave in Arlington
  • A Marine veteran and Gold Star widow sharply criticized President Donald Trump for an Arlington photo op after coming across a 2017 photo of him at her husband's grave that surfaced amid reports he disparaged US service members.
  • She tweeted Monday for the president to "get off my husband's grave" and "get out of Arlington," stressing that the cemetery "is not the place for politics."
  • Speaking to CNN's "Right Now with Brianna Keilar" Tuesday, she said that "you can't stand on the graves of better men who fought and died for this country while you rip apart that country with your incompetence."

Just 52% of likely Trump voters agree he's a good person, but will probably vote for him anyway, an Insider poll finds
  • A new Insider SurveyMonkey Audience poll shows a split among Trump voters in whether they think he's a good person.
  • Of the 1,161 respondents between Sept. 5 and 6, 53.7% said they do not agree with the statement that "President Donald Trump is a good person."
  • Among voters who identify as "definitely" voting for Trump, 57.85% said they "strongly agree" he is a good person.
  • Yet when it comes to those who say they're "probably" voting for Trump, that number drops to 15.07%.
  • Overall, just 52% of likely Trump voters say they somewhat or strongly agree he's a good person.

The Justice Department seeks to intervene in a lawsuit brought by Trump's rape accuser, which would leave taxpayers footing the legal bills
  • The Department of Justice is seeking to represent Trump in a defamation lawsuit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll, who has accused him of rape, according to court documents filed Tuesday.
  • In the highly unusual move, DOJ lawyers claimed Trump was acting in an official capacity when Carroll brought the lawsuit and invoked a rule granting federal employees immunity from lawsuits.
  • "Trump’s effort to wield the power of the US government to evade responsibility for his private misconduct is without precedent," Carroll's lawyer, Roberta A. Kaplan, told Business Insider in a statement.
  • Trump's previous attempts to stall the case were rejected by a New York court last month, but Tuesday's move could further delay Carroll's efforts to gather evidence, including DNA samples and a deposition of Trump.

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