Joe Biden
By endorsing Joe Biden, we are emphasizing that there is value in electing a president of the United States who does not engage with others with petulance. There is value in electing a president who does not insult, mock or demean. Our country can and must do better. — Chicago Tribune
Editorial: Our case for Joe Biden over Donald Trump - Chicago Tribune
Biden is an experienced legislator and a unifying figure at a critical moment for this country as we navigate a deadly pandemic, a teetering economy and a burst of racial tensions and civil unrest we haven’t seen in a generation. Biden’s leadership style and temperament represent an essential contrast to the current president’s exhausting slash-and-burn theatrics.

No, we do not solely blame President Trump for “divisiveness,” as many do. We blame him for not calming divisiveness, for not shutting down his radical base in the same way we have said liberals and progressives should condemn the radical, destructive factions within their own ranks.

To supporters of Trump: You deserve a president committed to “draining the swamp” of corruption, to rolling back harmful trade policies, to calling out partisan media and to talking frankly with the American middle class, and you deserve a president who does not lean on ugly impulses that make progress toward worthy policy goals harder. Trump’s accomplishments have been overwhelmed by his failings. He would not be any different in a second term.