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Why the ‘I don’t need a mask, I’ve tested negative’ excuse is wrong
Until Trump's infection, the White House strategy for keeping him and others in the administration safe was one of testing only. Its failure did not come as a surprise to scientists. Testing is important. But its purpose is to contain infection, not to prevent it.

The tests are not perfect and can show false negatives. People also don't test positive immediately after getting infected, because it takes a while for the virus to replicate in a person's body to levels high enough to be picked up by a test. Testing is only one piece of the puzzle and it needs to be coupled with other measures such as masks, social distancing and contact tracing.

Europe reports more cases than the US, Brazil, and India
Tighter restrictions are set to come into effect in more French cities as the country’s new coronavirus continue to spike. Lille, Lyon, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne are now under "maximum alert" along with Marseille and Paris. France, along with Austria, Romania, and Czech Republic reported new case highs this week.

Europe, which is now reporting more Covid-19 cases than the United States, Brazil, and India, is struggling to contain the second wave. The World Health Organization reported 338,779 new cases globally yesterday, the highest figure since the start of the pandemic.

Women do better at mask wearing and other measures to stop spread of Covid-19, research suggests
Women aren't just better at taking preventative measures, researchers said. They also found that women were also more likely to listen to experts and express alarm and anxiety in response to Covid-19, the study, which was published this week in the journal Behavioral Science & Policy, said.

..."They also pay more attention to the health-related needs of others," Okten said. "So it's not surprising that these tendencies would translate into greater efforts on behalf of women to prevent the spread of the pandemic."

Pioneering penalty kick taker Antonin Panenka on 'life support' after contracting Covid-19
Czech football great Antonin Panenka, who lends his name to the famous penalty kick technique, is in intensive care and has tested positive for Covid-19, his club Bohemians Praha 1905 said in a statement.

Panenka, who currently serves as Bohemians' honorary president, was transferred to an ICU on Wednesday, according to the club.

Wisconsin is setting up a field hospital for Covid-19 patients as a surge in cases overwhelms hospitals
Wisconsin is opening a field hospital at the state fair park in response to an alarming surge in Covid-19 hospitalizations that is overwhelming hospitals, Gov. Tony Evers announced.

"We obviously hoped this day wouldn't come, but unfortunately, Wisconsin is in a much different and more dire place today, and our health care systems are being overwhelmed," Evers said in a news conference Wednesday.

The field hospital is a stark illustration of the extensive outbreak across Wisconsin, which has pushed hospitals to the brink, led to renewed limits on public gatherings, infected US Sen. Ron Johnson and forced the NFL's Green Bay Packers to put an "indefinite hold" on having fans at historic Lambeau Field this season.

To combat the outbreak, Gov. Evers issued an emergency order limiting public gatherings to no more than 25% of a room or building's capacity. The state had previously allowed bars and restaurants to operate at 50% capacity.

"We're in a crisis right now and need to immediately change our behavior to save lives," Evers said in a statement. "We are continuing to experience a surge in cases and many of our hospitals are overwhelmed, and I believe limiting indoor public gatherings will help slow the spread of this virus."

The order, which went into effect Thursday morning, applies to any gatherings at locations open to the public, including stores, restaurants and other businesses with public entry, according to the release.

Still, the move is likely to be challenged in court by state Republicans, who have repeatedly sued to stop Evers' moves to stem the spread of the virus. In May, the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the state's stay-at-home order after Republican legislators filed suit.

Trump plans an in-person event on Saturday at the White House, against medical advice.
President Trump is planning to host hundreds of people on the South Lawn of the White House on Saturday for his first in-person event since he announced he had tested positive for the coronavirus, three people familiar with the plans said on Friday, and his campaign announced that he would hold a rally in Florida on Monday.

Outside medical experts also cautioned that an inappropriately expedited return to the public for Mr. Trump could risk infecting others, and that resuming public duties might worsen his condition. Covid-19 patients can take turns for the worse during the second week of illness, and the president’s positive test came on Oct. 1, putting him within that window.

It remains unclear how serious Mr. Trump’s illness is, though he has said repeatedly that he feels “great.” During a marathon appearance on the conservative host Rush Limbaugh’s radio show on Friday, President Trump mentioned that his doctors had at one point told him that he was entering a “very bad phase.” It was not immediately clear the time period to which Mr. Trump was referring.

The Coronavirus Unveiled
Less than a millionth of an inch wide, the virus is studded with proteins called spikes that attach to cells in people’s airways, allowing the virus to infiltrate. But under an electron microscope, the proteins look more like tulips than spikes, consisting of long stems topped with what looks like a three-part flower. These spikes also swivel on a three-way hinge, which may increase their odds of encountering and attaching to proteins on human cells. ... In just a few hours, an infected cell can make thousands of new virus genomes. Ribosomes read the genes and create more viral proteins, which then combine with the new genomes to make more viruses.

As Virus Surges in Europe, Resistance to New Restrictions Also Grows
Public health officials say “pandemic fatigue” presents a real challenge to countries trying to enforce new measures meant to slow the virus while avoiding national lockdowns.

Customers Still Like to Shop in Person, Even if They Get Only to the Curb
Anything from a sweater to a book is now easy to pick up without ever venturing into a store. But what started as a coronavirus stopgap for retailers is likely to have a permanent impact on the way people shop, experts say.

“Americans are used to their cars and actually do like stores, so this is kind of a hybrid where you’re getting the best of both worlds,” said Oliver Chen, a retail analyst at Cowen.

It could also be a long-term survival strategy for many retailers. Target said its curbside sales grew by more than 700 percent in the last quarter, while Best Buy said 41 percent of its nearly $5 billion in online revenue in the second quarter came from curbside or in-store pickup.