Covid-19 🦠 Newsbites
Hours after Trump's dark and divisive White House speech, his doctor still won't say if he's tested negative
Last Saturday, President Donald Trump was in the hospital being treated for Covid-19. Yesterday, he resumed public events with a divisive speech from a White House balcony in front of hundreds of guests. His doctor released a memo clearing him to return to an active schedule but it did not say whether Trump received a negative coronavirus test.

Trump's Saturday event, which featured little social distancing, came just two weeks after a large White House gathering that has since been called "a superpreader event" and potentially put lives at risk once again, just nine days after the President revealed his own Covid-19 diagnosis.

The latest memo from Trump's physician, Navy Cmdr. Dr. Sean Conley, said that the President has met US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria for "the safe discontinuation of isolation." But it does not say Trump has received a negative coronavirus test since first testing positive for the virus, although that is not a criteria for clearing isolation, according to the CDC.

After being sidelined from the campaign trail for more than a week, Trump leaned into his law-and-order message in a speech threaded with falsehoods on Saturday that was clearly a campaign rally disguised as a White House event.

Trump claimed that if the left gains power, they'll launch a crusade against law enforcement. Echoing his highly inaccurate campaign ads that suggest that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would defund 911 operations and have a "therapist" answer calls about crime, Trump falsely claimed that the left is focused on taking away firearms, funds and authority from police.

With just three weeks to go until an election in which he's trailing badly in the polls, and millions of voters already voting, Trump is deploying familiar scare tactics.

Biden has not made any proposals that would affect the ability to answer 911 calls. As CNN's Facts First has noted many times, Biden has repeatedly and explicitly opposed the idea of "defunding the police," and he has proposed a $300 million increase in federal funding for community policing.

Trump’s flu claims are false
Trump keeps downplaying the coronavirus even after it killed more than 1 million people around the world and left him hospitalized for three days. He has now claimed that compared to the flu, Covid-19 is "in most populations far less lethal!!!" That's not true. In just eight months, Covid-19 has killed more Americans than the flu did during the last five flu seasons combined.

Bars and pubs are closing as Europe battles coronavirus surge. Experts question if it will work
With Europe now reporting more coronavirus cases than the United States, Brazil or India, many governments are closing down pubs and bars or limiting their opening hours in the hope of avoiding wider lockdowns.

It's bad news for drinkers, from Brussels to Paris to Edinburgh, and will bring more pain for the embattled hospitality sector. But will the strategy work?