John Steenwyk
If someone had worn a mask somewhere along the line, my parents would probably still be alive. — John Steenwyk, grocery manager
Enforcing Montana’s mask mandate is part of supermarket manager John Steenwyk’s job. It puts him in the crosshairs of anti-maskers, and while he tells them a lot of things to convince them to wear masks, there’s one thing he won’t say to them, even though he could.

The death certificates said Robert and Karen Steenwyk both died of cardiopulmonary arrest, due to acute hypoxic respiratory failure, due to pneumonia brought on by Covid-19.

It is rare these days for anyone to change anyone else's mind about anything. And so most Americans, including John, have stopped trying. The anti-masker left the store. As usual, John left this thought unspoken: If someone somewhere had worn a mask, maybe my parents would be alive.