McDonald's French Fries
I may never eat another McDonald's french fry. It's a shame — they were once my favorite. No matter how good they might taste, they are bad for your health.

I think I ate at McDonald's fairly often before middle age. It was a convenient stop for a quick lunch or on the way home after working all day.

I cook more often now that I'm at home all the time. I really can't remember the last time we stopped for McDonald's takeout. Well before the COVID-19 pandemic started. Maybe once a month then.

I don't really miss it. I prefer Arby's Fresh Market sandwiches.

Are you a big McDonald's fan?
Donald Trump — McDonald's Fries
So disgusting seeing him stuff that fat, orange, ugly face. And that hair that's he's so proud and vain about!

'No wonder I didn't lose my hair!': Donald Trump credits McDonald's fries for his hair
  • President Trump, a known fan of McDonald's, has credited the fast food chain for his crop of hair.
  • Trump responded to a study suggesting a chemical in McDonald's fries were a cure for baldness, writing "No wonder I didn't lose my hair!"
  • Trump famously served McDonald's to the Clemson football team in the White House, and McDonald's was one of his "four major food groups" during the 2016 election campaign.
  • The president has previously acknowledged hair loss, saying he tries "like hell to hide that bald spot, folks."

What's really in McDonald's french fries
How unhealthy can they be? You get your potatoes, you get your salt, you add them together and deep fry them. Simple, right? Well, no. Wrong. Surprisingly to some and unsurprisingly to many, the fries that come with most of your McDonald's meals might turn out to be the most shockingly unhealthy things you'll order from them.