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Trump Revives Claim of ‘Oscillated’ Debate Mic in 2016
Hours after announcing that he would not participate in an Oct. 15 debate because the Commission on Presidential Debates said it would be virtual, President Donald Trump revived an old complaint that the commission deliberately “oscillated” his microphone during a 2016 debate with Hillary Clinton.

Trump has had a longstanding beef with the commission over a faulty microphone during the first presidential debate between Trump and Clinton on Sept. 26, 2016. But there’s less to it than Trump claims. The commission acknowledged there was a technical glitch with Trump’s microphone that affected his volume in the debate room, but it did not affect the audio for the 84 million people who watched the debate on television.

In an interview with Sean Hannity on Fox News on Oct. 8, Trump inaccurately described the commission as “Clinton people” and he wrongly claimed the commission “apologized” to him in a letter about the microphone.

US journalist Chris Wallace pictured in Italy, not on Epstein island
Posts with photographs of vacationing Fox News host Chris Wallace -- who moderated the first 2020 presidential debate -- claim the images show him with late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein on his infamous island. This is false; the photographs depict Wallace when he was in Italy with actor George Clooney in 2012.

Partisan Claims of ‘Russia Hoax’ Revived Ahead of 2020 Election
President Donald Trump and his supporters on social media are citing unverified “Russian intelligence” from 2016 as evidence that Hillary Clinton “was behind the entire Russian collusion hoax.” But that so-called intelligence is largely a reflection of publicly available information at the time. Federal investigations since then have documented multiple links between Trump associates and individuals tied to the Russian government.