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Trump’s Numbers, Preelection Update
Trump’s Numbers, Preelection Update
During Donald Trump’s time in office:
  • The economy lost 3.9 million jobs.
  • Economic growth fell short of what Trump promised, then crashed during the pandemic.
  • The number of murders went down — but rebounded this year.
  • Corporate profits set records — until this year.
  • Stock prices and home prices set records. Paychecks grew faster than prices. Poverty decreased.
  • The trade deficit Trump promised to reduce grew larger instead.
  • Illegal immigration subsided, then surged, then fell back again.
  • The number of people without health insurance went up by 7.1 million, according to a government survey.
  • Trump installed nearly 30% of federal appellate judges and 24% of district court judges authorized by federal law.

Posts Misrepresent Photo of Biden Kneeling at Campaign Event
Former Vice President Joe Biden knelt for a photo with a group of dancers in Miami, but the national anthem was not playing, as social media posts falsely claim.

WHO did not say Bill Gates adds sterilisation formula to vaccines
Multiple social media posts make a string of false and unsubstantiated claims about vaccine campaigns funded by billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates, including that he has been adding a 'sterilization formula' to vaccines for the past decade.

The Gates Foundation has rejected all the above claims, stating that “the foundation does not develop or manufacture vaccines”.

“We are concerned about the conspiracy theories being spread online and the damage they could cause to public health,” its spokesperson told AFP Fact Check.

“At a time like this, when the world is facing an unprecedented health and economic crisis, it’s distressing that there are people creating and sharing misinformation when we should all be looking for ways to collaborate and save lives.”

The foundation said it has never had to answer to a court case involving the WHO.

While the foundation funds WHO, the spokesperson said it only funds initiatives “authorised by the [194] member states” that the global health body answers to.

Disinformation campaign falsely links Justin Trudeau with pedophilia
A disinformation campaign in Canada continues to link the repeal to a law making anal sex illegal for under 18s with support for pedophilia. The law was found unconstitutional in 1995 and struck off by Canada’s parliament in 2019, as it was deemed discriminatory against the LGBTQ community.

Meme Spreads Misinformation on Presidential Endorsements
A widely shared meme misrepresents Joe Biden’s endorsements. Biden hasn’t been endorsed by antifa or the Black Lives Matter organization, though BLM co-founders support him. And while President Donald Trump has been endorsed by the major law enforcement groups, Biden has received the backing of some law enforcement officials.

Pelosi in presidential succession, but not guaranteed VP spot
Facebook posts claim US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would become Kamala Harris’s vice president if Joe Biden was elected and unable to serve his full term. This is misleading; the 25th Amendment of the Constitution states that the vice president becomes leader in case of presidential inability and chooses a vice president who has to be confirmed by Congress; the speaker of the House is third in line for the presidency if both the president and the vice president are incapacitated.

Trump Distorts WHO’s Lockdown Comments
At campaign rallies and in tweets, President Donald Trump falsely said the World Health Organization changed its position and “admitted that Donald Trump was right” about lockdowns. But the agency has said no such thing.

Trump’s Exaggerated Claims on Biden and Pharma in Puerto Rico
At a rally in Sanford, Florida, President Donald Trump made the exaggerated claim that his Democratic rival, Joe Biden, “voted to obliterate” Puerto Rico’s pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

And during a health care speech in Charlotte, North Carolina, Trump falsely made it sound as if Biden had done this all on his own when he promised to “reverse the disastrous and heartless decision Joe Biden made in 1996 to shut down the pharmaceutical industry in Puerto Rico.”