Fact Checks ☑️
CNN anchor did not condemn Nigeria police unit, Covid-19; photo is doctored
A widely shared image claims to show CNN anchor Don Lemon denouncing Nigeria's controversial Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) and Covid-19 as "two deadly viruses" killing people in the West African nation. The photo emerged as Nigeria faces widespread protests over police brutality. But while extrajudicial killings by SARS officers and the spread of the novel coronavirus have together claimed more than a thousand lives, AFP Fact Check found that the picture was digitally manipulated to change the news banner.

Misleading description of Canada’s quarantine sites feeds Covid-19 conspiracy
After an Ontario politician condemned the Canadian federal government’s Covid-19 quarantine sites as “internment camps,” social media posts suggested that these sites would eventually be used to jail Canadians. This is false; the sites are facilities rented by the federal government for travellers who have no alternative for mandatory quarantine, Health Canada told AFP.

Deceptive Trump Ad Attacks Biden on Guns
A Trump campaign ad uses an out-of-context video clip to claim Joe Biden confirmed he will come for the guns of Americans if he’s elected president. In the unedited video, Biden was talking about his opposition to so-called “assault weapons” — not all firearms.

Trump’s False Claims About Biden Wealth, Recovery Wishes
At a rally in North Carolina, President Donald Trump claimed Joe Biden lives in “beautiful houses all over the place” and must be “corrupt” to afford such a lifestyle. Biden owns two homes and had some lucrative years in the private sector. Trump also falsely claimed Biden, the Democratic presidential nominee, and his running mate, Kamala Harris, didn’t send him best wishes when he was stricken with COVID-19. They did.

FactChecking Trump’s Immunity Claims
During a campaign rally, President Donald Trump said that once he came down with COVID-19, people for partisan reasons shifted from saying immunity was lifelong to saying it lasted only a few months. Experts, however, haven’t changed their estimates for immunity duration, which remains unknown — but unlikely to be lifelong.

The president also has repeatedly declared himself “immune” to COVID-19 following his illness. That’s a reasonable assumption — at least for now — but whether he’s actually resistant to a second infection isn’t known. And his unique treatment regimen could mean his potential immunity is more fleeting than that of most other people who have recovered from the coronavirus.