Fact Checks ☑️
This image shows Martin Luther King Jr’s aides shielding him as protesters throw rocks
An image of Martin Luther King Jr has been making the rounds on Facebook alongside claims it shows him being beaten by “American security forces”. The claim is false: the image shows aides protecting the famous civil rights activist as protesters in Chicago threw rocks at him in 1966.

Ballots received after November 3 will be counted in 22 US states
Social media posts circulating ahead of Election Day advise Americans to drop off their ballots or cast it in person, warning they risk losing their vote if their mail-in ballot arrives after November 3. This is misleading; while some states will not be counting ballots received after that date, 22 states will accept them as long as they are postmarked no later than polling day.

Trump Spins ER Statistic to Claim U.S. Is in ‘Great Shape’ on COVID-19
At recent campaign rallies, President Donald Trump has made the misleading boast that the U.S. is in “great shape” because 97% of emergency room visits were for something other than COVID-19. But the number is not as impressive as it sounds. Trump could have boasted of similar percentages — 93% to 96% — during the worst periods of the pandemic.

With Election Day a week away, the president continued his efforts to paint an overly rosy picture of the coronavirus pandemic in two Oct. 27 campaign rallies.

Trump’s False Claims About Dairy Farms
In a campaign rally in Wisconsin, President Donald Trump falsely claimed the state’s dairy farms were “decimated” under the Obama/Biden administration but “now … are doing very well,” and he greatly overstated the potential impact of the new trade agreement with Canada and Mexico.

Dairy and agricultural market experts told us changes in the industry, including in milk prices, overproduction and consolidation, under both administrations largely have been due to market forces.