Fact Checks ☑️
Photo of Man in Halloween Costume Isn’t Mark Kelly
Social media posts, including one retweeted by Donald Trump Jr., falsely claim that a yearbook photo shows Democratic Senate candidate Mark Kelly dressed as Hitler for Halloween. Kelly’s campaign and several of his former classmates told FactCheck.org that the photo is not of Kelly.

Experts say wearing face masks does not cause neurological damage
Posts based on a video by a German neurologist have been shared thousands of times on Facebook making several claims about the alleged dangers of wearing face masks, notably that rebreathing oxygen in the mask leads to neurological damage. According to experts, this is false, since these masks allow fresh air to pass through and oxygen to be inhaled.

It is not Joe Biden’s policy to ban fracking
Facebook posts shared more than 30,000 times claim Joe Biden wants to ban fracking, a controversial oil and gas drilling technique. But he has repeatedly stated that it is not his policy to ban the practice, though he does want to limit new projects on federal land and move toward cleaner forms of energy.

Biden Hasn’t Suspended In-Person Campaigning
A false claim on social media suggests former Vice President Joe Biden has stopped all in-person campaigning until the election. He has plans to visit several states before Nov. 3.