Fact Checks ☑️
US Democrats did not block bill on tuition for children of vets killed in action
Social media posts claim US Democrats blocked a bill offering college tuition assistance to the children of veterans killed in action. This is false; Democrats did not oppose such a bill, but they did oppose expanding these benefits in New York state, where they have existed since 2003.

Ads feature misleadingly edited clip on Biden tax plan
Political action committees are using a video clip of Joe Biden speaking at a campaign event to claim that the Democratic presidential candidate said he would raise taxes. This is misleading; Biden was speaking to a specific person in the audience, not generally pledging to increase taxes.

Misleading Messages on Gasoline Prices
Eric Trump misleadingly claimed on social media that gasoline was $5 per gallon “under O’Biden,” but “unbelievably good” during his father’s administration. The average retail price of gasoline while Barack Obama was president was $2.97. The average price under President Donald Trump has been $2.49, which includes lower prices due to the pandemic.