Fact Checks ☑️
Viral Post Overstates Effect of Trump’s Order on Preexisting Conditions
A popular Facebook post asks why an order by President Donald Trump “PROTECTING PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS got almost zero coverage,” and suggests it’s wrong to say he is “trying to eliminate that protection.” Trump is trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which put such protections into place, and his recent executive order, on its own, doesn’t legally guarantee them.

Image does not show discarded ballots cast for Trump
A tweet shared thousands of times claims an image of mail dumped on the side of the road shows ballots cast for US President Trump, feeding into concerns that mail-in ballots are not a safe way to vote in the 2020 presidential election. This is false; the image is from 2018, when Trump was not up for re-election, and the United States Postal Service Office of Inspector General said the mail pictured was safely delivered.

Trump’s COVID-19 Misinformation Since Testing Positive
Even after contracting the coronavirus and being hospitalized, President Donald Trump has continued to downplay the risks of COVID-19 and exaggerate the progress the U.S. has made in fighting the pandemic.
  • Trump told Americans to not let the coronavirus “dominate you,” saying, “You’re going to beat it.” Of course, not everyone has or will survive, and some survivors will have lasting effects.
  • The president made a flawed comparison between COVID-19 and seasonal flu, incorrectly saying that “sometimes over 100,000” people die from flu each year. The highest estimated death toll from flu in the past decade was in 2017-2018, with 61,000 deaths.
  • The president talked up the effectiveness of COVID-19 therapeutics and inaccurately attributed some of those successes to his administration. Few options exist for most patients.
  • After his release from the hospital, Trump claimed to be feeling “better than 20 years ago,” but his own physician cautioned that he might not be “out of the woods” yet.
  • Saying COVID-19 vaccines “are coming momentarily,” the president once again exaggerated when the public can expect to get a coronavirus shot.

Clip shows Biden criticizing discrimination, not support of Trump
A Twitter account run by Donald Trump’s campaign claims a video clip shows his Democratic rival Joe Biden calling the US president’s supporters the “dregs of society.” But the remark is from a speech in which Biden was condemning discrimination against the LGBTQ community, not people who back Trump.