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This video was created by a Belarus-based designer -- it does not show a new US currency
A video has been shared repeatedly in multiple Facebook posts and on Line messaging app alongside a claim that it shows a new currency called “USN” launched by the US Department of the Treasury in September 2020. The claim is false; the US Treasury told AFP the video does not show a new US currency and that no new currency was launched in September 2020; the video was originally published in 2018 by a Belarus-based graphic artist who created the designs as a conceptual project.

Trump Campaign Aide’s Dubious Claim on Protecting the President
A senior adviser to President Donald Trump’s campaign made the dubious claim that Trump was “probably the most protected person on Earth,” because his visitors “must submit to a COVID test” and “people don’t physically get close” to him.

But experts say the White House testing strategy was insufficient to protect the president, and White House photos show a maskless Trump in close contact with others.

Kamala Harris did not call Joe Biden 'trash'
Posts shared across social media claim Kamala Harris, the Democratic nominee for vice president, said in June 2019 that she did not like Joe Biden, who is now her running mate. The claim is false; the full quote matches text in a blog post written by someone else to review Harris’s performance during a Democratic primary debate.

Mail-in ballot errors spark voter fraud claims in US
Social media users, including one of US President Donald Trump’s sons, are citing isolated cases of mail-in ballots being sent in error as evidence of the potential for widespread voter fraud. This is misleading; election officials say steps including signature verification prevent imposters from returning ballots in place of another voter.

Misinformation targets New Jersey flu vaccine mandate plan
Instagram posts opposing a proposed New Jersey law to mandate the influenza vaccine for students claim that the immunization raises one’s risk of coronavirus infection. Large studies in the US and Canada found no evidence that flu shots increase the odds of contracting a coronavirus, and public health agencies recommend the inoculation to help prevent serious illness, as well as to avoid additional burdens on health care systems during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The US vice presidential debate
Mike Pence and Kamala Harris went head to head in the US vice presidential debate on Wednesday, sparring over issues including the Trump administration’s response to the coronavirus, taxes and health care.

AFP Fact Check breaks down some of the main topics.