Joe Biden
Vote for Joe Biden for president of the United States to restore our soul, our standing and our good sense. — Houston Chronicle
Editorial: We recommend Joe Biden for president -
Character, without question, is the starkest divide between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. For all his faults — and there are a few — the latter possesses a rare ability in these polarized times to see the humanity in those who cross his path, even from the opposing side.

... Trump's deficiencies of decency are not a matter of style. These days, they are a matter of life and death.

... The allure of Trump’s message and style back in 2016 was intoxicating for many fed up with Congress’ tit-for-tat dysfunction and decades of unmitigated greed and corporate coddling by both parties at the expense of the American dream.

His devil-may-care rhetoric felt refreshingly, if perversely, free in our bubble-wrapped discourse. Rather than look at his business empire as a liability, his voters ignored Trump’s trust-fund privilege, his companies’ six bankruptcies, and saw in his wealth an independence from donor interests that made his vows of draining the D.C. swamp believable.

... As it turned out, Trump was not a salve for our ills. He was a comorbidity. He exacerbated our preexisting divisions.

The one-time birther conspiracist used his powerful platform to demonize immigrants and to embolden, with winks, nods and loose lips, hate groups and other racists.

... Name a line and Trump has crossed it. He escaped impeachment for his many attempts to shut down an investigation into Russia’s hacking of American elections, only to be impeached later for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress involving his withholding of aid for Ukraine for his own political gain. He circumvented Congress and the Constitution and diverted billions from the defense budget toward his border wall, even though only 5 new miles have been built. Trump has hesitated to condemn white supremacists, calling them at one point “very fine people.”

And the lies. Uncharted territory, even for Washington: more than 20,000 false claims, sometimes averaging two dozen a day, according to a Washington Post tally.

... What Biden lacks in youthful vigor he makes up for in experience, compassion and love for this country and its people. All its people.

... That is character — not Twitter tirades and stoking racial divides.

That is patriotism — not dismissing the sacrifices of war heroes, dodging the draft by complaining of bone spurs and avoiding taxes by writing off $70,000 in haircuts.

That is strength — not self-aggrandizing speeches that channel autocratic strongmen.

Many brave Americans, including some pushed out of Trump’s administration, have risked careers and reputations to testify to the danger Trump poses to this land that we love.

Now it’s our turn.

Vote for Joe Biden for president of the United States to restore our soul, our standing and our good sense.