Joe Biden & Kamala Harris
Trump's record easily justifies a position of 'Anybody but Trump.' But Biden isn't just preferable to Trump; in many respects he is Trump's antithesis. — Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times endorses Joe Biden in 2020 election - Los Angeles Times
This year’s presidential election confronts voters with the most consequential choice they have faced in decades, and for many, their lifetimes: between a divisive, authoritarian-leaning incumbent and a seasoned patriot who brings not only five decades of experience, ability and commitment to American values, but also bold ideas at a time of national crisis. Nothing less than the health of our constitutional democracy is at stake.

... Notably, dozens of Republican national security officials have endorsed Biden, putting nation above party and declaring that the former vice president “will restore the dignity of the presidency, bring Americans together, reassert America’s role as a global leader, and inspire our nation to live up to its ideals.”

... Trump has fanned racial tensions, told an endless stream of lies, run a campaign based on grievance and resentment, and cast himself as a defender of white Christian America. Many of those who support him inhabit an information silo consisting of Fox News and far-right talk radio and manipulated by social-media algorithms.

... To the surprise of supporters and detractors alike, Biden, a 77-year-old centrist, first elected to federal office 48 years ago, has mounted a disciplined campaign. He is poised not only to wrest the White House from an unfit incumbent but also to take the nation in a progressive direction. We enthusiastically endorse his election.