Joe Biden
Chronicle recommends: Joe Biden for president

This election is a test of whether we still embrace the concept of 'American exceptionalism,' that the virtue of our values, our political system and our history remain so distinct, so worthy, so enduring that we are a role model for the world. — San Francisco Chronicle
Chronicle recommends: Joe Biden for president -
... President Trump has been a disaster as a leader and a disgrace to the office. He has made more than 20,000 false or misleading statements. He has praised authoritarian rulers while disparaging allies whose soldiers have fought alongside U.S. troops in battle. He publicly sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin against our own intelligence agencies in their firm conclusion that Russia meddled on his behalf in the 2016 election. He has shattered modern presidential norms by refusing to put his assets in a blind trust and has profited from hotels, resorts and other holdings controlled by his children.

He has called journalists “enemies of the American people,” questioned the integrity of judges who ruled against him, scoffed at the skill and honor of the FBI and U.S. intelligence community and — perhaps most chillingly — insisted that any election result that went against him would be rigged.

... Thankfully, America is not stuck with four more years of dysfunction and despair, grift at home and drift abroad. We have an opportunity to elect a president who grasps the magnitude of the office, who believes in science, is secure in his sense of being, values alliances and is in public service for something other than personal aggrandizement and enrichment.

... Despite Trump’s red-hat slogan, “Make America Great Again,” this nation’s standing in the world has deteriorated on his watch. Our allies and adversaries alike have been dealing with a temperamental president who is too vulnerable to flattery, too spooked by the tiniest slight and too eager to declare victory on a deal that evaporates not long after the ink is dry. There is no greater example of that than his much-ballyhooed but ultimately vacuous courtship of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.

Meanwhile, Trump routinely belittled our partners in the NATO alliance, a bedrock of global stability since World War II; dropped out of the Iran nuclear deal that has constrained that nation’s weapons program, and withdrew the U.S. from the Paris climate accord. In each case, the U.S. had been a leader among nations. Now it is seen, regrettably, as an unreliable ally.

Biden would re-solidify those important international ties.

... America deserves Joe Biden as its 46th president.