Joe Biden
Anyone who cares about the country must this year vote for Biden, a good and able man who can put America on a path back toward sanity. — The Buffalo News
The Editorial Board: Biden for president | Editorial |
Like virtually all second-term elections, this year’s presidential vote is largely a referendum on the incumbent. Unlike most previous second-term elections, this choice is straightforward. Joe Biden must be the country’s next president.

This is partly because Donald Trump has been disastrous to the American idea of democracy and partly because Biden’s experience, decency and judgment will not only serve the country well but, in fact, make him the antidote to four years of authoritarian delusions, juvenile insults and outright betrayal.

Trump, we know, has his core base – some 35% to 40% of Americans whose willful blindness requires them to tolerate the intolerable, including:
  • His strategic decision to lie to Americans about a deadly pandemic. The dishonesty has continued, even after he was infected with the novel coronavirus.
  • His denigration of the American military. (To the doubters: More than 200 retired generals and admirals – including some who served under this administration – have endorsed Biden. The count approaches 500 when national security experts are included.)
  • His documented and impeachable effort to pressure another country to launch a phony investigation into Biden.
  • His inability to distinguish between American Nazis and the protesters opposing them.
  • His made-up claims that only electoral fraud can defeat him on Nov. 3.
  • His un-American refusal to commit to an orderly transfer of power should he lose.
That leaves the remaining 60% to 65% of the country to drive us back onto the track laid by the Founding Fathers and restored by the nation’s greatest Republican, Abraham Lincoln. Those are our democratic touchstones, the great American leaders who bequeathed us standards of honesty in government, of service to the nation, of sacrifice and forgiveness. Trump has kicked them all away; indeed, he seems not to understand that such noble concepts even exist.

... Biden is, in fact, the conservative candidate in this election, understanding that fealty to the Constitution is a fundamental conservative value. His centrist record makes clear that the Constitution will be his guide, even as Trump has trampled both the Constitution and his oath of office.

... For anyone who cherishes the ideals of this country and believes that the person at the top sets the tone, it is impossible to vote for this man. Four years ago, it was possible to hope for better, but not now. He has made the case against himself, over and over.

... How can so treacherous a man be allowed to maintain a place of honor and responsibility in American public life? Even if you support certain aspects of his presidency, he represents a clear and present danger to the continuation of the great American experiment.

... The country is crying out for honesty, for competency and, most of all, for normalcy. In any other year, that wouldn’t even be an issue. In 2020, it’s the price of entry. Biden has the key.