Joe Biden & Kamala Harris
Donald Trump's despicable behavior and embarrassing record is not why The San Diego Union-Tribune Editorial Board today offers its enthusiastic endorsement of Democrat Joe Biden for president. We do so because Biden in important ways is the right person for the moment. — The San Diego Union-Tribune
Endorsement: Why Joe Biden deserves to be president of the United States - The San Diego Union-Tribune
Since Donald Trump began his bid for the White House in 2015 with an appalling speech in which he warned of Mexican rapists and drug dealers preying on the United States, he has been a one-man assault on norms of decency and democracy. For more than five years now, our nation has been subjected to his almost daily displays of incivility, dishonesty and hostility to large categories of Americans. But it’s not just the president’s behavior that has been awful. Many of his policies on vital issues have been both mistaken and dangerous.

... The question today isn’t Trump’s health. It’s his fitness for office. On the single issue that is the biggest existential threat to humanity — climate change — Trump has denied science and pulled the United States out of a global accord with the potential to seriously address the perils of greenhouse gases warming the planet.

On the issue that is the biggest immediate threat to the United States, Trump denied the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic for months, declined to wear and promote masks early on to save lives and decided against mass-producing and stockpiling personal protective equipment as Americans died by the hundreds every day. His tweet early Friday announcing that he and his wife had contracted the virus was both stunning and unsurprising. Given his recent public rallies in which he appeared without a mask, and his unmasked news conference introducing his Supreme Court nominee, Amy Coney Barrett, and his many other unmasked meetings with aides and visitors over the last week, the potential fallout of the president being a coronavirus transmitter is immense. And it was avoidable.

... Biden isn’t just right for 2020 because of his government resume. The grief he has experienced in his personal life has imbued him with an extraordinary level of empathy for others. In 1972, his first wife and his baby daughter were killed in a car accident. In 2015, one of his two sons died of brain cancer. In 2020, when Biden offered encouragement and promises of help to a 13-year-old New Hampshire boy with a stuttering problem, footage of the moment brought people to tears — and surprised no one who knew him. A hurting nation could use a leader like this.

Biden also offers comfort to the millions of Americans who may not like Trump but are worried by the leftward lurch of many Democrats. Whatever the chorus of views amplified by social media, polls show most Americans don’t want radical changes in policing, more government control of the economy and attacks on free speech — and most don’t buy the idea that America is evil as opposed to flawed.

... In short, he would be the anti-Trump. After four years of White House insanity, that sounds awfully good.