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Twitter backed down on how it deals with hacked material over the NY Post Hunter Biden story, and experts say the new policy is ripe for exploitation
  • Twitter set out new rules for how it polices "hacked materials" on its platform on Thursday.
  • The new rules stipulate Twitter won't take down hacked material unless it's shared directly by hackers or users working "in concert" with them.
  • Twitter changed its rules after its decision to block users from sharing a contested New York Post story about Joe and Hunter Biden prompted uproar.
  • Two cybersecurity experts told Business Insider that Twitter's wording gives hackers plenty of opportunity to find loopholes and exploit the new rules.

Trump appeared to fall for a satirical post which joked that Twitter shut itself down to stop criticism of Joe Biden
  • President Donald Trump shared a satirical story claiming that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey had shut down the social network's servers to protect Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.
  • The story, by conservative satirical site The Babylon Bee, was joking about Twitter's attempts earlier this week to limit the spread of a questionable New York Post story about Hunter Biden.
  • Trump shared the story on Friday morning without seeming to realize it was a joke, writing: "Why is Twitter doing this. Bringing more attention to Sleepy Joe & Big T."
  • Trump and his allies have claimed that tech companies are ideologically biased, but Twitter says the Post story violates its policies about sharing hacked material.

Elizabeth Warren demands an investigation into whether elite investors profited from the Trump administration's private warnings about the market impact of COVID-19
  • Senator Elizabeth Warren wants an investigation into elite investors violating trading laws when they caught wind of COVID-19 concerns from top Trump officials, per the New York Times.
  • Warren is urging US financial regulators to review the private information provided to investors and the trading which happened afterwards as a result.
  • The request comes after US top officials played down COVID-19 in public, but reportedly addressed private concerns to a public policy think tank in February.
  • These concerns were then leaked to elite investors who could have taken advantage of trading.

We combined Trump and Biden's separate town halls so you can watch an actual debate between the presidential candidates

  • President Donald Trump and Joe Biden participated in two different town hall events on Thursday.
  • We watched both events and combined them to imagine what a real town hall between Biden and Trump may have looked like.
  • The candidates were originally scheduled to face off against each other, but the event was scrapped after Trump withdrew.

Biden drew 2.3 million more viewers than Trump, according to early ratings from town halls
  • Early numbers show former Vice President Joe Biden is winning the TV ratings battle against President Donald Trump after a night of dueling town halls.
  • The 2020 Democratic candidate attracted 2.3 million more viewers to his ABC News town hall than the president's NBC News town hall, according to Variety.
  • A fuller picture of the ratings is still to come as the initial data released from both networks left out viewership numbers from broadcast affiliates and consideration of time-zones.

Supreme Court to Review Trump’s Effort to Exclude Immigrants From Census Count
The Supreme Court said Friday that it will review President Donald Trump's effort to exclude immigrants in the country illegally from the census count used to calculate how House seats are apportioned among the states.

A three-judge federal court ruled in September that the policy was illegal. Immigrants have never been excluded from the count determining how congressional seats and Electoral College votes are allocated, and, if allowed, the policy would have unprecedented consequences, shifting both political power and funding away from regions with large immigrant populations.

'I gave money to your campaign': Trump was frustrated by John McCain after he ignored him at a congressional hearing, new book says
  • One of the earliest interactions between Donald Trump and the late Sen. John McCain came at a congressional hearing in 1993.
  • Trump, who owned casinos in Atlantic City, was in Washington, DC, to claim that casinos on Native American reservations were controlled by the mob and avoiding taxes.
  • Trump tried to get McCain's attention by saying, "I gave money to your campaign," according to a new book, by a longtime McCain aide.
  • McCain yelled in response, "Oh yeah? See what that will get you."

Watchdog claims Trump campaign illegally coordinated with a Super PAC in 2016 through its work with Cambridge Analytica
  • The Trump campaign illegally coordinated with a pro-Trump Super PAC during the 2016 presidential race through its work with Cambridge Analytica, the Campaign Legal Center alleged in a legal document Friday.
  • The watchdog group said newly published emails revealed Cambridge Analytica's work for the campaign overlapped with its work for Make America Number 1, a pro-Trump group backed by Republican mega-donor Robert Mercer.
  • The CLC originally filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission in 2016, accusing the campaign and Make America Number 1 of "coordinated communications," which federal law prohibits.
  • But the FEC has effectively been shut down since July because it doesn't have enough commissioners to legally rule on campaign finance cases, meaning it's currently unable to weigh in on the case.

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