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As Election Nears, Trump Makes a Final Push Against Climate Science
The Trump administration is imposing new limits on the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that would undercut action against global warming.

The 11th hour effort to reshape NOAA includes removing the agency’s chief scientist, installing new political staff who have questioned accepted facts about climate change and imposing stricter controls on communications at the agency.

According to prominent climate denialists who are close to the administration, the political appointees’ primary goal is to undercut the National Climate Assessment, which serves as the foundation for federal regulations to combat global warming.

Twitter slapped yet another Trump tweet about mail-in voting with a 'misleading' label, and stopped other users from retweeting it
  • President Trump attacked mail-in voting once again on Monday, tweeting: "Big problems and discrepancies with Mail In Ballots all over the USA."
  • Twitter placed a label and a fact-check link on the tweet, warning that it might be "misleading about how to participate in an election or another civic process."
  • It also stopped other users from liking, retweeting, or replying to the tweet, a spokesperson confirmed to Business Insider. The aim was to "significantly reduce the tweet's visibility."
  • Twitter has previously placed fact-checks and misinformation warnings on tweets from Trump that claimed mail-in voting would be fraudulent, and that ballot drop-off boxes were "not COVID sanitized."

Facebook's election week ad ban is 'a PR stunt' that won't stop disinformation but could hurt down-ballot candidates, insiders say
  • Beginning October 27, a week before the election, Facebook isn't allowing candidates or political groups to run new ads on its platform in an effort to stop disinformation and bad behavior. Political ads will be banned indefinitely after polls close on November 3 election.
  • Democratic digital campaign operatives say Facebook's ban on new campaign ads a week before Election Day is 'a PR stunt' to distract from the social network's 'miserable record' of allowing false information to flourish on its platforms.
  • Beginning October 27, political entities cannot run new ads on Facebook, but they can continue to show ads that began running before the deadline and adjust their targeting.
  • The changes condemnation from Democratic digital circles, who say Facebook's decision wouldn't adequately address disinformation or alter major campaigns' strategies, but could hurt smaller races and give conservatives an advantage.
  • 'It's not going to make that big of a difference, and it's window dressing to FB's awful approach to handling political advertising, misinformation, and harmful speech on their platform,' one Democratic digital strategist told Insider.
  • Meanwhile, President Donald Trump's campaign said the change unfairly targets him and would give Democrats an unfair advantage.

Michael Bloomberg pours $15 million into last-minute ad campaign to boost Biden in key battleground states of Texas and Ohio
  • Former Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg is financing a $15 million advertising campaign for Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Texas and Ohio in the final week before the election, according to The New York Times.
  • Bloomberg will use his Super PAC, Independence USA, to air television ads across both states, according to a political advisor.
  • Biden has eyed Ohio and Texas for several months as Trump's once-solid poll numbers have declined in both states.
  • In 2016, Trump won Texas by 9% and Ohio by 8% over former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Ted Cruz says the swelling national debt will re-emerge as a major concern for Republicans
  • Republican Sen. Ted Cruz says the mounting national debt will re-emerge as a major concern for the GOP.
  • The deficit had been growing even before the pandemic hammered the American economy as a result of the 2017 tax cuts and spending increases that Trump had enacted with GOP backing.
  • Many Republicans are reluctant to support another pandemic aid bill, citing the growing federal debt.

Federal judge rejects Justice Department's effort to defend Trump in E. Jean Carroll rape defamation suit
  • A federal judge on Tuesday rejected an effort from the Justice Department to remove President Donald Trump as the defendant in a defamation case.
  • Trump is being sued for defamation by writer E. Jean Carroll, who has accused the president of raping her in the 1990s.
  • The president denied Carroll's allegations and said she was lying to boost sales of her book.
  • "His comments concerned an alleged sexual assault that took place several decades before he took office," US District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan said of Trump, adding that the "allegations have no relationship to the official business of the United States."

Trump's properties have raked in more than $8 million from US taxpayers and the president's supporters since he took office
  • President Donald Trump's properties have raked in at least $8.1 million from US taxpayers and from the president's supporters since he took office in January 2017, the Washington Post reported.
  • Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf club once even charged US taxpayers $3 for a glass of water when Trump hosted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the resort, the report said.
  • The Secret Service has spent more than $1 million and the Republican National Committee has shelled out over $2 million at Trump properties, the Post reported.

Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort charged US taxpayers $3 for a glass of water
  • President Donald Trump's golf club in Florida once charged US taxpayers $3 for a glass of water when he was hosting Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the Washington Post reported.
  • When the two men met in April 2018, the resort charged the US government $13,700 for rooms, $16,500 for food and wine, and $6,000 for floral arrangements, the Post reported.
  • Tuesday's report is the latest example of how Trump's businesses have made millions from taxpayers and the president's supporters since he took office.

Trump's biggest accomplishments and failures as president as he fights for reelection
  • President Donald Trump has been among the most controversial presidents in US history, and just the third commander-in-chief to be impeached.
  • Trump's disastrous handling of the COVID-19 pandemic hangs heavily over the upcoming presidential election.
  • Though his accomplishments are not popular with his critics, Trump for better or worse has been a consequential president.
  • His handling of COVID-19 will go down as one of the worst disasters in US history, with nearly 200,000 already dead and millions unemployed.
  • Trump repeatedly flouting public health guidance and his own CDC, holding packed events during the pandemic and mocking those who wear masks. Trump announced he had contracted the virus in early October.
  • Accomplishment: Reshaping the federal judiciary
    Trump's most lasting impact on the country will be the reshaping of the federal judiciary.

    Thus far, Trump has installed three Supreme Court justices and 220 judges overall to the federal bench — all for lifetime appointments.
  • Accomplishment: Space Force
    In signing a $738 billion defense spending bill just a few days before Christmas, Trump officially established the sixth branch of the US Armed Forces — the Space Force.

    The Space Force is the first new military service since the US Air Force was created in 1947.

    Despite its name, the new branch has not been established to protect the planet from potential extraterrestrial threats, but is tasked with protecting the US military's assets in space.
  • Accomplishment: Tax reform
    Three years into his presidency, Trump's signature legislative achievement remains a Republican tax bill that made sweeping changes to the tax code — the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.
    • The law was the biggest overhaul to the nation's tax code in three decades, and the president pitched it as "rocket fuel" for the American economy.
    • It permanently slashed the corporate tax rate to 21% from 35% while also providing temporary benefits for individuals and their families.
    • Critics argued it was a windfall for massive corporations at the expense of the middle class.
    • But the law has achieved none of the ambitious goals that Republicans put forward — and there are scant signs they ever will.
  • Accomplishment: First Step Act
    It offers relatively modest changes to the federal prison system, but was praised as an important step forward by groups and activists seeking to end mass incarceration.
  • Accomplishment: Defeating ISIS's caliphate and killing Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi
    Trump has at times falsely claimed that ISIS is totally defeated, embellishing the extent of the US military's success against the terrorist organization during his presidency. Though the terrorist group has lost its territory — its so-called caliphate — it's still estimated to have up to 18,000 fighters in Iraq and Syria.
  • Failure: Charlottesville and George Floyd
    Trump's response to a deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, remains one of the most controversial moments in his presidency.

    It was emblematic of Trump's struggle to bring the country together after tragedies, and more generally. His response also typified his controversial record on race relations and white supremacy.

    The president was excoriated by Republicans and Democrats alike over his response and his failure to offer a swift and forceful condemnation of white supremacist violence.
  • Failure: America's global image is in shambles
    America's global image has declined significantly under Trump, who has repeatedly insulted key US allies while cozying up to dictators.

    The president's tendency to push important allies away and isolate the US, including by pulling out of landmark international agreements like the Paris climate accord, has had a palpable impact.

    People across the world have expressed negative views on Trump. Pew Research Center in January 2020 released a survey of 32 countries that showed a median of 64% said they do not have confidence in Trump to do the right thing in world affairs, and just 29% expressed confidence in the president.

    Trump's handling of the coronavirus pandemic has also left the US embarrassed on the world stage, and created a void in global leadership that China has rushed to fill.
  • Failure: Family separations and the deaths of migrant children
    Trump in 2016 campaigned on reducing undocumented immigration, pledging to take a hardline approach.

    He made good on that promise when coming into office, but has been accused of human rights abuses and violating international law by the UN.

    The Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy on illegal border crossings led to the separations of at least 5,500 families and saw children placed in cages.

    The president of the American Academy of Pediatrics at the time described the practice as "nothing less than government-sanctioned child abuse."
  • Failure: Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan
    Trump's decision to unilaterally withdraw the US from the 2015 nuclear deal in May 2018 has induced chaos throughout the Middle East.

    It remains one of Trump's most unpopular decisions in the global arena, and has been condemned by top US allies who were also signatories to the deal.

    Trump's decision to pull US troops out of northern Syria in October is also among his most disastrous foreign policy moves. In doing so, Trump effectively abandoned US-allied Kurdish forces who bore the brunt of the US-led campaign against ISIS to a Turkish military invasion.

    The withdrawal induced a humanitarian crisis and created a security vacuum that Russia, Iran, and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, an accused war criminal, all benefited from.
  • Failure: Replacing the Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare)
    What Trump has not done in his first three years is offer a replacement for the Affordable Care Act. As the Associated Press points out, as a candidate Trump promised "insurance for everybody" and a more immediate replacement to the nearly decade-old ACA.
  • Failure: Impeachment
    The president was acquitted Senate trial, but will still go down as just the third president in US history to be impeached. GOP Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah also made history by voting to convict Trump, marking the first time ever that a senator voted to convict a president from their own party.
  • Failure: COVID-19 pandemic
    Trump's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic will likely go down as one of the biggest disasters in US history. Hundreds of thousands of Americans have died, and millions are unemployed.

    The US has the worst coronavirus outbreak in the world, with over 6.3 million confirmed cases and nearly 200,000 reported fatalities. The US has had more coronavirus cases than the populations of many countries. And more Americans have died from the virus than the number of US soldiers killed in combat in every war since 1945 combined.

    Trump has repeatedly downplayed the threat of the virus and contradicted top public health experts, flouting recommendations from advisers on his own White House coronavirus task force.
  • Failure: The US economy
    Trump often took credit for the robust US economy prior to the pandemic, ignoring that much of the growth began during the Obama administration.

    The US is now facing one of the worst economic crises in its history under Trump, which is intrinsically linked to his disastrous response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

    The US national debt is at the highest levels since World War II, and US economic growth is set to average just above 0% for Trump's first term due to the pandemic recession, per the Washington Post.
  • Failure: Contracting COVID-19
    Trump is the most heavily protected person on the planet as the president of the US. The fact he contracted COVID-19 stands as a catastrophic failure and a national security crisis for the US.

    The president routinely flouted public health recommendations prior to getting infected. Less than a week before he was diagnosed, for example, Trump mocked former Vice President Joe Biden for routinely wearing a mask in public.

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