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Easily overblown, little-understood, and dangerous: Why we need to understand political microtargeting
  • We learned this week that the Trump campaign may have tried to dissuade millions of Black voters from voting in 2016 through highly targeted online ads.
  • The investigation, by Channel 4, highlighted a still little-understood online advertising technique, microtargeting.
  • This targets ads at people based on the huge amount of data available about them online.
  • Experts say Big Tech needs to be much more transparent about how microtargeting works, to avoid overblown claims but also counter a potential threat to democracy.

The White House released photos of Trump working in hospital that critics say appears to be a publicity stunt
  • The White House released pictures apparently showing Trump hard at work in the Walter Reed medical center where he is being treated for COVID-19.
  • The images are designed to show the president on the road to recovery, as contradictory information emerged about his condition.
  • But critics are saying that the pictures are a publicity stunt, and were taken 10 minutes apart.
  • Andrew Feinberg, a White House correspondent, pointed out that one image showed the president signing a blank sheet with a Sharpie marker.

In the wake of Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis, the White House has yet to mobilize a CDC tracing team to contact hundreds of people who were in the president's company
  • The White House is yet to deploy a 'test and trace' team of CDC experts following the president's COVID-19 diagnosis, reported The Washington Post.
  • The team's function is to trace test those the president came into contact with while infected to stop the disease spreading further.
  • Trump attended a fundraiser with 200 people and was in frequent contact with top officials while infected.
  • Trump has long sought to downplay the seriousness of the disease that has killed more than 200,000 Americans.

Trump entourage ignored the mask mandate at Cleveland hotel before last week's debate: report
  • Several members of President Trump's family, campaign staff, and White House staff were seen walking around their Cleveland hotel without face masks before the presidential debate last week, according to ABC News.
  • Eric and Lara Trump, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, White House senior advisor Jared Kushner, and Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien without masks in the hotel lobby, ABC News reported witnessing.
  • Stepien announced that he was diagnosed with the coronavirus on Friday, joining the growing list of President Trump's inner circle to have contracted the highly infectious disease.
  • Secret Service agents were seen wearing masks throughout the hotel, along with a different group of Trump staffers.

Biden said he warned governors not to endorse him to prevent retaliation from the Trump administration
  • Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden said Saturday he advised governors not to publicly endorse him over fears the Trump administration would withhold COVID-19 supplies.
  • "I told some governors, don't endorse me ... because you'll pay a penalty," Biden said at a virtual campaign event on Saturday.
  • Numerous Democratic governors have endorsed Biden, and some former Republican governors, like John Kasich of Ohio, have endorsed him, too.

Despite Trump's diagnosis and hospitalization, his campaign adviser attacked Biden for his COVID-19 precautions: 'we can't all just stay in our basement'
  • Jason Miller, a senior adviser on President Donald Trump's reelection campaign, on Sunday criticized Joe Biden for his regular wearing of face masks.
  • President Donald Trump, who announced on Friday that he positive for COVID-19, similarly criticized Biden for wearing face masks during their debate on Tuesday.
  • "We can't all just stay in our basement for the rest of our lives," Miller said on ABC's "This Week."
  • For months, Trump refused to publicly wear a face mask until he was photographed wearing one in July. But he's since held events that don't require masks and has rarely been seen wearing one.

White House doctor says he was trying to reflect an 'upbeat attitude' around Trump's treatment after conflicting updates
  • White House physician Sean Conley admitted at a Sunday press briefing that President Trump was given supplemental oxygen on Saturday, which he declined to acknowledge the day before.
  • "I was trying to reflect the upbeat attitude that the team, the president, over his course of illness, has had," Conley said.
  • Conley's statements would back up White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who expressed concerns about Trump's condition on Saturday.
  • Since Friday, Trump has received a second dose of the antiviral drug remdesivir, along with a dose of dexamethasone, to fight the coronavirus.

The Department of Transportation rejected a public transit mask mandate on the same day Trump's coronavirus diagnosis was revealed
  • The US Department of Transportation on Friday turned down a petition by a group of labor unions who sought a federal mask requirement for passengers riding on public transportation, according to a Rolling Stone report.
  • In a letter to the Transportation Trades Department of the AFL-CIO labor federation, the administration took the position of deeming additional rules as unnecessary.
  • The announcement came on the same day that President Trump revealed that he and first lady Melania Trump had contracted the coronavirus.
  • At a virtual town hall on Saturday, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said that the department "stupidly" rejected the petition.

Even with the president's illness, the Trump administration's false and misleading claims about COVID-19 continue
  • US President Donald Trump and his staff have misled the public and each other about the threat posed by COVID-19, undermining trust and threatening lives.
  • President Trump reportedly told an advisor not to tell others about his initial positive coronavirus test. His closest allies, including his campaign manager, only learned about it from the media.
  • Deception has continued as the president's actual health status has largely been obfuscated: his doctors painting a rosy picture while prescribing medication reserved for the sickest patients.

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