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President Trump to Americans: “Don’t be afraid of Covid.”
Mr. Trump announced that he would leave the hospital this evening and urged others to have no fear and not to let the virus “dominate your life.” He made no mention of the 209,000 Americans who have died from the virus.

His doctors said that he met or exceeded all discharge criteria, but that he would be watched and treated this week by a team at the White House. “Feeling really good!” the president tweeted, three days after he was admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Above, Dr. Sean Conley, Mr. Trump’s physician, briefing reporters today.

The announcement was a drastic turn of events given that a day earlier, his medical team had presented mixed messages about his condition. The doctors said Mr. Trump had received a third dose of the antiviral drug remdesivir and continued to take dexamethasone, a steroid drug normally reserved for patients who were very sick with Covid-19.

Mr. Trump’s press secretary, Kayleigh McEnany, became the latest in the president’s inner circle to announce that she had tested positive for the virus. At least three White House correspondents have also been infected.

Polls show no signs of a sympathy bounce, and find most Americans don’t think Trump took the virus seriously.
The Trump campaign is hoping the nation will rally around the ailing president as he battles the coronavirus. But the first polls conducted since the president’s announcement of his diagnosis early Friday did not seem to show a sympathy bounce.

Polls by Ipsos/Reuters and YouGov/Yahoo conducted on Friday and Saturday found that most Americans feel the president hadn’t been taking the coronavirus seriously, in terms of policy or personal conduct, and that he could have avoided getting sick.

Voters Dread Election: ‘It’s Going to Be Hell No Matter What’
That’s Eric Hawes, a Republican in Erie, Pa., whose father-in-law, a die-hard Democrat, shares his unease about the election in November and its aftermath.

For voters on both sides, there’s a sense of foreboding about what the next several months could bring. The outcome of the Nov. 3 vote itself, the claims of rampant voter fraud that President Trump has leveled, the specter of a stolen election, the fear of violent clashes should the vote counting drag out — there is no limit to the bleak imagination.

‘The Coal Industry Is Back,’ Trump Proclaimed. It Wasn’t.
Saving coal-fired plants in Arizona and Kentucky was part of Mr. Trump’s efforts to make good on his 2016 campaign promise to end “the war on coal.”

But despite appointing coal industry executives and lobbyists to his administration, taking big donations from the industry, rolling back environmental regulations and intervening directly in cases, the Trump administration failed to counter the forces decimating the industry.

By late last year, both the Kayenta mine and the Navajo Generating Station had gone offline, a high-profile example of the industry’s broader collapse and the resulting economic and political aftershocks.

Donald Trump doesn't care about you
  • Donald Trump doesn't care about you. It's more obvious now that he has COVID-19 than it ever has been before (and it was obvious before).
  • The timeline of when Trump knew he may have been exposed, or might be sick, is fuzzy. But we know he likely had some idea he may have been exposed by Wednesday, when a staffer started showing symptoms.
  • That didn't stop him from continuing to travel, potentially infecting staff at his golf course New Jersey, some donors he met with, staff at the White House, his security detail, and his family. Literally anyone he came into contact with.
  • That "anyone" could easily have been you or someone you love. Trump would remain unbothered.

The Trump campaign attacks Joe Biden for not having COVID-19
  • President Donald Trump's campaign communications director, Erin Perrine, faulted Democratic nominee Joe Biden for not contracting the coronavirusduring a Fox News interview Monday.
  • "He has experience — now — fighting the coronavirus as an individual. Those firsthand experiences, Joe Biden, he doesn't have those," Perrine said when asked if Trump would shift his coronavirus messaging after being hospitalized.
  • Trump's campaign was upended late last week when he disclosed that he had tested positive for COVID-19.
  • He has since been hospitalized and was given supplemental oxygen twice.
  • Perrine said Trump has "a different tone overall" from Biden on the virus because of his experience as president and a businessman, arguing that having the virus personally will only enhance the president's messaging.

How the rest of the world will respond to Trump's COVID-19
  • President Donald Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis raised questions of whether his illness will create enough new stress and distraction to impact US foreign policy and the calculus of other countries.
  • While some adversaries may try to take advantage of Trump's illness, most countries were already taking a cautious approach ahead of the US presidential election and are unlikely to make big changes in their approach to Washington.

The Trump administration is handling the White House COVID-19 outbreak in the same disastrous way it approached the country's
  • The Trump administration's approach to the COVID-19 outbreak among its top officials shows many of the same problems of its overall approach to the pandemic.
  • There's been little to no transparency, mixed messaging, a continued lack of respect for public health recommendations, and a futile effort to paint a rosy picture amid an evolving crisis.

'I was shocked': Secret Service veterans describe Trump's Walter Reed photo op with supporters as 'reprehensible' and 'unconscionable'
  • US Secret Service veterans were floored by President Donald Trump's decision to leave Walter Reed Medical Center while infected with the coronavirus for a photo op.
  • Trump ventured outside Walter Reed in a presidential motorcade on Sunday while infected with the coronavirus so he could wave to supporters.
  • He wore a mask in an SUV along with two Secret Service agents who donned personal protective equipment.
  • "I saw that photograph in the paper this morning, and I was shocked," Bill Pickle, a 26-year-veteran of the US Secret Service, told Business Insider. "As hard as you try to like the president and you want to believe in his policies, his judgment is just so flawed and so selfish."
  • A former Secret Service agent who served for more than two decades told Business Insider they thought the president's conduct was "reprehensible," adding that the agents who protect Trump would "follow him over a cliff, no questions asked, but that's not the point."
  • "As commander in chief, knowing how deadly this disease is, how does he treat these agents so cavalierly?" the former agent said. "It's unconscionable."

Trump told Americans: 'Don't be afraid of COVID.' Here's why his odds are better than almost anyone else of his age and condition.
  • President Donald Trump announced early Friday morning that he tested positive for the coronavirus.
  • He has since received two experimental treatments and a steroid at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and he expects to be discharged Monday evening.
  • Although Trump’s age, weight, and sex put him at a higher risk of developing serious symptoms, his race and socioeconomic status work in his favor.
  • The president was diagnosed early and, as a VIP patient, will have access to top medical care.

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