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People close to Trump are questioning whether his judgment is being affected by his steroids, reports say
  • People close to President Donald Trump are wondering if the steroid used to treat his coronavirus infection is affecting his judgment, multiple reports say.
  • Trump is currently on a course of dexamethasone, a steroid that can alter a person's mental state and is typically used in severe COVID-19 cases.
  • The New York Times reported that some White House staff wondered if the dexamethasone was a factor in Trump's abrupt decision to end stimulus negotiations with Democrats on Tuesday.
  • House Speaker Nancy Pelosi wondered the same thing in a call with her party, a source told USA Today.
  • The reports come after sources told Vanity Fair Donald Trump Jr, Trump's oldest child, was concerned his father was acting "crazy" after he was hospitalized.

White House staff are 'scared' for their lives and embarrassed by Trump's 'reckless' behaviour, says former staffer
  • White House staff are scared for their lives after Trump returned to the White House with the coronavirus, according to former aide to Vice President Mike Pence, Olivia Troye.
  • She told the UK's Times Radio that staff she has spoken to are "fearful" about catching the virus and "embarrassed" by Trump's "reckless" behaviour.
  • Trump returned to the White House on Monday having spent the weekend in Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, removing his face mask upon arrival.

Trump urging people not to be 'afraid of COVID' shows how out of touch he is with the lives of regular American
  • President Trump contracted COVID-19 after months of downplaying its seriousness.
  • Upon being discharged from the hospital, he said not to be afraid of COVID-19, and not to let it dominate our lives.
  • President Trump is uniquely able to recover from COVID-19 thanks to his access to healthcare, and since we don't have that same access, we should still be afraid of the virus.

Trump, who still has COVID-19, went into the Oval Office yesterday, according to a top White House adviser
  • President Donald Trump went into the Oval Office yesterday, according to White House Adviser Larry Kudlow.
  • Kudlow, a former CNBC host, was back on the network for an interview on stimulus talks and Trump's condition.
  • "The president actually showed up in the Oval office yesterday with extra precautions with respect to his COVID-19 and he's getting a lot better," Kudlow said.
  • It is unclear whether Trump is still contagious, given the lack of information coming from the White House and his doctors.

A look at how the Atlantic City disaster may have set Trump up to pay nothing in taxes for years
  • Trump's casino business begun in the 1980s and included properties such as the Trump Marina, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino, and the Taj Mahal.
  • In the 1990s it was reported that his Atlantic City, NJ, businesses were facing financial collapse, but Trump managed to benefit from the losses.
  • Using a provision known as "abandonment" in the US tax code, Trump was able to leverage the severing of his relationship to the Atlantic City casinos in 2009 and their losses to claim a tax refund of $72.9 million, as reported by the NYT last Sunday.
  • Following the casino bankruptcy, Trump was given 5% of shares in the new company, conflicting with tax rules around abandonment that insist that business owners get nothing of value from the company they're leaving behind.

Trump thanks a woman for saying she'd 'wade though a sea of COVID infested water' to vote for him
  • President Donald Trump on Wednesday retweeted a post from a woman who wrote that she "would wade through a sea of COVID infested water to vote" for him.
  • "Thank you Heather!" Trump responded.
  • He also shared other tweets from Heather's account, which attacked Hillary Clinton and the Obamas.
  • Trump was hospitalized on Friday for COVID-19 treatment. He has since been released and is now trying to direct people's attention away from his health while also dismissing the threat posed by the coronavirus.

Eric Trump says his dad 'literally saved Christianity' in a 'full-out war on faith'
  • Eric Trump said in an interview with the North Dakota radio station WZFG-AM last week that his father, President Donald Trump, "literally saved Christianity."
  • He claimed Democrats have launched a "full-out war on faith in this country" and said "they want to close churches."
  • His comments were likely in reference to local and state governments closing churches in the midst of the novel coronavirus pandemic as a way to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

FBI director Chris Wray and top US intelligence officials release video countering Trump's conspiracies about election integrity
  • Four top US officials released a video Tuesday reassuring US voters about the integrity of the election process and countering many of the claims President Donald Trump has made about foreign interference, voter fraud, and mail-in ballots.
  • FBI director Christopher Wray said that regardless of how voters cast their ballots, "rest assured that the security of the election — and safeguarding your vote — is and will continue to be one of our highest priorities."
  • Trump has said that the election will be "rigged" against him and that increased voting by mail will lead to a fraudulent result. He also suggested that foreign powers could manipulate mail ballots and spark widespread voter fraud.
  • William Evanina, the top counterintelligence official in the US, contradicted Trump's claim about foreign interference with mail ballots, saying that "it would be very difficult for adversaries to interfere with, or manipulate, voting results at scale."
  • Evanina also revealed that foreign actors are trying to hack into election infrastructure.

President Trump, who is infected with coronavirus, has tweeted 120 times since being released from the hospital Monday night
  • President Donald Trump has unleashed roughly 120 tweets since being released on Monday from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where he received COVID-19 treatment.
  • Trump's tweetstorm has included attacks on Joe Biden, praise for the economy, a push for a focus on the Supreme Court, and allegations of a fraudulent election.
  • Questions have been swirling for days about the true state of the president's health since his return to the White House.

Trump Calls Getting Virus a "Blessing From God"
President Trump called his coronavirus infection “a blessing from God” in a new video posted on Twitter. More than 211,400 Americans have died from disease.

In a wide-ranging speech, Mr. Trump told the nation he would also provide hundreds of thousands of doses of unapproved drugs to Americans free of charge. He returned to the Oval Office on Wednesday afternoon despite his infection. Advisers were exploring the idea of resuming travel events for Mr. Trump next week, two people close to the White House said.

His doctor said he is symptom-free and feeling “great,” but offered no further details about Mr. Trump’s treatment. For someone who isn’t president, his treatment would cost more than $100,000 in the American health system.

Manhattan D.A. Can Obtain Trump’s Tax Returns, Judges Rule
President Trump lost another appeal to shield his tax returns from the Manhattan district attorney, Cyrus Vance Jr., above. The dispute is likely to head to the Supreme Court yet again.

The unanimous ruling by a three-judge panel in New York rejected the president’s arguments that the subpoena should be blocked because it was too broad and amounted to political harassment from Mr. Vance, a Democrat.

Poll after poll suggests Trump's chances of defeating Biden are rapidly dwindling after the first debate and the president's COVID-19 diagnosis
  • President Donald Trump's reelection prospects are looking grim.
  • Trump is trailing former Vice President Joe Biden by a significant margin in a number of recent national polls, including one poll that showed Biden with a whopping 16-point lead.
  • The president is also behind Biden in a number of crucial battleground states like Florida that are vital to an electoral college victory.

A prestigious medical journal published a scathing editorial ahead of the election, slamming the Trump administration and other US leaders for their COVID-19 response
  • The New England Journal of Medicine published an unprecedented editorial slamming the Trump administration and other US leaders for their "failure" to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Dr. Eric Rubin, editor-in-chief of the medical journal who wrote the editorial, told CNN the publication "rarely" publishes editorials signed by all editors, and it had never published an editorial about elections since the publication's inception in 1812.
  • "We don't have the right leaders for this epidemic," he said. "I think we need better leadership."
  • The scathing editorial tore into US leaders for being "consistently inadequate" in addressing the fallout and ongoing issues of the public health crisis.
  • "This crisis has produced a test of leadership," the editorial said. "... Here in the United States, our leaders have failed that test. They have taken a crisis and turned it into a tragedy."

Kamala Harris calls out President Trump's debt-filled tax returns in debate. 'When we say in debt, it means you owe money to somebody.'
  • Kamala Harris gave a blunt refresher on President Donald Trump's finances early on in the vice-presidential debate Wednesday night.
  • "It would be really good to know who the president of the United States — the commander-in-chief — owes money to," Harris said, referring to the New York Times investigation into Trump's taxes that found him in debt for hundreds of millions of dollars in debt, $139 million of which he's on the hook for within five years.
  • "Because the American people have a right to know what is influencing the president's decisions, and is he making those decisions on the best interests of the American people — of you — or self-interest."
  • "Just so everyone is clear, when we say in debt, it means you owe money to somebody" Harris said.
  • She also took a dig at Trump for how little he paid in federal income taxes.
  • "When I first heard about it, I literally said, 'You mean $750,000?' And it was like, no, $750."

Trump needed a clear win from Pence tonight to turn around their faltering campaign, and Pence didn't deliver
  • Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence met in Utah to debate in the only vice presidential debate of the cycle.
  • Given President Trump's diagnosis with a contagious airborne virus, it's entirely possible this is the last debate of the election.
  • The Trump campaign was down, but after the events of last week polls have reliably been coming in worse for the president's re-election bid.
  • Trump needed a clean win from his vice president with moments that would haunt the Biden campaign and a debate that ended objectively positive for the vice president.
  • This did not happen

The biggest moment of the Pence-Harris debate was a fly landing on Pence's head, which sums up how calm it was without Trump
  • A fly stole the show during the vice presidential debate on Wednesday, which was a sign of how calm it was compared to the Trump-Biden debate last week.
  • Trump's absence from the room was the most noticeable aspect of the night, in the sense that it allowed for an actual discussion on the biggest issues of the day.

Kamala Harris, pushed by Mike Pence on Joe Biden's plans to 'pack' the Supreme Court, slammed the Trump administration's judicial appointees: 'Not one is Black'
  • Sen. Kamala Harris attacked the Trump administration for failing to appoint even a single Black judge to the federal court of appeals.
  • "Do you know that of the 50 people who President Trump appointed to the court of appeals for lifetime appointments, not one is Black?" she said during the vice-presidential debate on Wednesday evening.
  • Harris pointed out the issue after Vice President Mike Pence claimed that Democratic nominee Joe Biden would "pack" the Supreme Court if elected.
  • The Supreme Court has become a contentious issue as the Republican-majority Senate tries to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg with Judge Amy Coney Barrett before the election.

Harris, Pence dodge question on what they would do in the event that their respective presidential candidate is unable to serve
  • Both Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris fielded a question asking what they would do in the event that their respective presidential candidate is unable to serve.
  • Pence was asked in the context of Trump's recent COVID-19 diagnosis, but instead, he dodged the question to respond to Harris' attacks on the fast-tracked coronavirus vaccine.
  • When asked the same question, Harris also did not address any specific plans or procedures in such an event, and instead described her career in public service and detailed how Biden approached her to be his running mate.
  • President Donald Trump, 74, and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, 77, would both make history as the oldest elected president in US history.

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