COVID19 🦠 Newsbites
There were scuffles when public health officials arrived to close down a Trump rally in Milwaukee for breaching coronavirus rule
  • Public health inspectors closed down a Trump rally in Milwaukee for breaching coronavirus rules, local media reported.
  • According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a venue representative was pushed to the ground when he tried to get attendees to comply with social distancing rules.
  • The rally was one of several held across the US on Saturday by supporters of the president who back his false claim the election was stolen from him.
The event violated state laws, preventing gatherings of more than 100 people, and requiring people at public gatherings to wear masks and remain seated.

A venue representative, Nick Alioto, tried to get protesters to comply with the rules, reported The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, telling the protesters department of health officials had shown up, and saying "I'm not going to lose our license."

According to the report, Alioto was abused by protesters and knocked to the ground when he asked that attendees of the rally remain seated.

Video of the events posted on Twitter by a Fox 6 reporter show Alioto being shouted at and pushed and then trying to get to his feet, visibly shaken.

... The event was held on the same day as a much larger protest in Washington DC, where members of far-right groups clashed with anti-Trump protesters, and one person was stabbed.

Trump hasn't attended a coronavirus task force meeting in five months and is taking no role in combating the surge in the disease
  • President Donald Trump has not attended a meeting of the coronavirus task force for 5 months, reported The Washington Post Sunday.
  • With Trump taking no active role in attempting to slow the disease, the number of new cases hit a daily record of 184,000 on Friday.
  • President-elect Biden has demanded that Trump take action to slow the surge in new cases before leaving office in January.
In veiled criticism of Trump, Fauci said that the US had reopened too early after an initial peak of the disease in spring, adding "when we tried to open the economy and open the country again we did it in a disparate way. We didn't have uniform adherence to the guidelines."

Throughout the pandemic, Trump has spread false claims and disinformation as he sought to downplay the impact of the disease and ignored or dismissed measures advocated by public health officials, such as wearing masks, to halt the spread of the disease. The disease has surged through the White House, with the president himself hospitalized for three days with the illness in September.